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Underfloor heating control: where does it work best?

Underfloor heating provides the luxury of evenly distributed heat in the house, eliminating the overheating and underheating areas that are common in radiator heating. In the “flooring”, unlike in the case of convection heating, the heat is distributed on the principle of radiation.

The construction of the system makes it invisible, because the construction of the underfloor heating is completely hidden in the floor. However, this type of heating requires appropriate control with room controllers, which increases its efficiency and energy saving. Correct adjustment of the floor temperature is important for the environment as well as for the budget and well-being of the user.

Underfloor heating control

The proper functioning of underfloor heating is supervised by e.g. boiler automatics or an independent control system, extended by room controllers, which are responsible for individual regulation of heating zones (rooms). The floor temperature in the marginal zones should not exceed 35°C, and 29°C in the central area – where the users are.

Using building automation we also increase the comfort of underfloor heating. If we have mixed heating; underfloor heating combined with radiators, precise control is even more important. The control offered by the temperature controllers that control underfloor heating is valuable because it allows you to optimize the functioning of the heating system, so that the energy consumption is as much as actually needed, without expensive energy losses.

Underfloor heating – summary of advantages:

• comfort of warm floor – the Quantum regulator by SALUS Controls used for underfloor heating additionally includes the function of a comfortable floor (Warm Floor)
• even temperature distribution in the interior and ease of control
• long heat release
• aesthetic appearance – invisible installation
• less dust floating in the air (radiation, not convection)
• higher air humidity than in the case of radiator heating
• ideal for the body temperature distribution (warmer at the feet)



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