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Wireless temperature thermostats

We invite you to familiarize yourself with a part of SALUS Controls offer, which are wireless temperature thermostats, which are an ideal option for customers who appreciate advanced technologies, as well as the highest comfort of use. Room thermostats for CH provide full thermal comfort.

SALUS Controls’ wireless temperature thermostat enables easy temperature control in all home or office rooms.

What does a wireless temperature thermostat provide?

The temperature thermostat gives you the control and possibility to control the heating (in the case of the SALUS Smart Home series – also via the Internet), offering a wide range of functionality for optimal comfort while saving energy. Each wireless temperature thermostat was created using the highest quality components, which ensures failure-free and reliable operation. Our offer includes CO room thermostats, dedicated to control heating systems of any type (floor heating, radiator heating). The devices are designed for residential, office and commercial spaces. The wireless temperature thermostat is easy to use, without the need for complicated – „dirty” – installation.

Why is the electronic temperature thermostat worth using in every room?

Because it is the most cost-effective solution. If electronic wireless temperature thermostats (e.g. Quantum SQ610RF) are installed in all rooms – that is, in all heating zones, such as: bedroom, room, study, living room with dining room – then the temperature can be set individually everywhere and it will not be accidental anywhere.

Temperature thermostats in SALUS Controls offer

SALUS Controls specializes in modern control technologies, providing customers with reliable solutions for intelligent building automation. Our offer includes wireless, electronic temperature thermostats that satisfy the highest requirements in terms of functionality, design and ease of installation. We recommend:

• thermostats (temperature thermostats) with touch, modern displays and large backlit LCD screens, but also:
• traditional patterns, i.e. easy to use temperature thermostats with a knob
• temperature thermostats designed for surface or free-standing installation
• devices operating at 868 MHz, which guarantees a stable and interference-resistant signal.

SALUS Controls temperature thermostats are also: long range, wide range of temperature control, different modes to choose from – depending on the chosen model.

Order a modern temperature thermostat

Each SALUS Controls temperature thermostat ensures fast communication between the panel and the boiler. Our regulators designed for CH control are a guarantee of quality for many years. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of available models.

If you have any questions or doubts, please contact SALUS Controls technical support. We provide technical support at every stage of product use and reliable service. Our distribution network covers many cities throughout the country. On the subpages of individual products you can check the availability of the product at the distributor.

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