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In order to save energy at home we decide on time programmers: just set the time when the devices should turn the heating on and off.

How does the timer work?

The functioning of time programmers is extremely simple. After programming the time, at a fixed time, the timer switches on the connected heating system. The configuration and connection to the heating system is very similar. Regardless of the type of programmer, the scheme remains the same, i.e. it is enough to set the selected time and the device will turn off the installation at a fixed time. Depending on the model, the timer can be operated electronically by means of the LCD screen and buttons or manually by means of a knob.

The timer can be programmed in two modes:

• Weekly (5+2) – the work is conditioned on weekdays. Its best use is when the members of the household are at work / school during the week (Monday-Friday) and stay at home on weekends at the same time.
• Daily – in this mode the operation of the timer is set for a 24-hour cycle. During the day, the heating starts at three times, e.g. for 2 hours at 6 a.m., 4 p.m., and 8 p.m. in the evening.

Some models of programmers have a programming function in both ways mentioned above.

SALUS Controls timer functions

Time programmers of our brand are used to set the time and control electrical devices in home or industrial automation systems (pumps, lighting, etc.) according to an individual time program set by the selected user.

The timer switches on and off the selected device or electrical circuit with coded hours in available cycles (daily, weekly with 5-2 function, i.e. 5 working days + 2 weekend), where we can define as many as three time programs with accuracy to the minute.

In this type of equipment there is also a change from summer to winter time, in manual or automatic form. The programmer controller is equipped with a time zone selection function. Thanks to this, the time of change is fully compatible with the local time.



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