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On our blog you will find important information from the heating industry and practical advice on heating control with SALUS Controls brand.


An electric flooring system may be just what you’re looking for

For whom is electric floor heating? Electric underfloor heating has so far been used mainly as an additional, supplementary thermal support, such as in the bathroom or hallway, if we wanted a pleasantly warm floor effect in these places. It was something of a heating gadget, to the pleasure of our feet. Concerned about the […]


Heat sources in our homes in 2022

What heating devices do we most often choose and why?


Examples of OneTouch rules

See which OneTouch rules will work for your smart home - we've added many new examples!


Temperature thermostat not working as you expect? Discover why

What to do when the temperature thermostat doesn't work? Very often we have the power to fix it ourselves. We can solve many problems on our own.


We solve 4 major concerns about heating control

Control your heating, free yourself from costs and energy waste.


Is surface heating just an underfloor heating?

In modern construction, underfloor heating is leading the way. But is underfloor to the only option? Check out the variants of surface heating.


Looking for a method to save energy? Choose heating control

Discover SALUS Controls heating systems and their abilities to make your bills lower.


Smart solutions for your home

Which smart solutions will improve your comfort and reduce your expenses? Today we write about energy-efficient devices that work in a smart home.


Heating installation in the spring and summer season

How to take care of your heating system in the spring and summer? Check what not to forget!


Are solar panels for water heating a good investment?

Solar collectors are a modern renewable source of thermal energy. During the warm months, they allow you to heat your domestic water with free solar energy. Learn more about solar water heating collectors.


How to heat water in a garden pool?

Learn how to effectively and inexpensively heat water in a garden pool.


Heat pump control

How to safely control a heat pump to achieve the right indoor temperature?


THB actuator – your way to efficient underfloor heating

A well hydraulically adjusted heating system ensures the perfect temperature in your home. Find out why THB will do it best!


Thermoelectric actuator

The purpose of the actuator is to open and close the flow of the heating medium in the loop. Which model to choose?


What type of heating to choose for the bathroom?

Find out how to combine underfloor and radiator installation in the bathroom. Why should you decide to do it?


Intelligent electronic thermostatic radiator head – your way to efficient radiator heating

Modern TRV head is convenient in use. Paired with the thermostat, it allows you to select the heating schedule.


Composition of inhaled and exhaled air

Even low concentrations of pollutants in the air can reduce our quality of life. Check what you are breathing.


Light dimmer – why it is worth to use?

Lighting dimmer is one of the most popular devices working in a smart home. Allows you to adjust the brightness of the room to the time of day and what mood we want to create at the moment. Thanks to it, the house becomes universal, better suited to the user's needs. Dimmers have a cost-saving function, they also allow to regenerate tired eyesight.


SALUS thermostat for underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is currently one of the most popular and frequently used solutions ensuring optimal thermal comfort in the building. An appropriate thermostat for underfloor heating ensures savings and well-being.


What power of a gas boiler for a house with an area of  100 sq. m?

The key to satisfaction with a gas boiler is to choose the right type. Find out what parameters are optimal for a house of 100 m2.


Can underfloor and radiator heating cooperate with each other?

With thermostats, the temperature in your home is always perfect - as long as you know how to set them to work.


Modern methods of home heating

Find out what modern heating methods are worth looking into to save money and support the environment.


How to configure the temperature thermostat, so it’s not too hot or too cold?

With thermostats, the temperature in your home is always perfect - as long as you know how to adjust their operation.


How to crimp the radiator?

Regulating the flow of water in radiators improves and improves the operation of heating. Find out how to do it.


Intelligent heating and air conditioning control at home

What do smart home systems consist of and why should you invest in them? Find out more about the automation that controls heating and air conditioning.


NEW! CB500 and CB500X – new wiring centres for underfloor heating control

Our new wiring centres are very affordable while solving many installation problems.


Advantages of underfloor heating

Floor heating is gaining popularity - invisible, comfortable and economical. Is it really worth to invest in it? Check what advantages has such underfloor heating system.


Salus and ZigBee network – where is it used?

What is a ZigBee network? Why is it so widely used in home automation? You can find out all this in our text.


Advantages of solar collectors

Currently, photovoltaics is the leader among solar energy installations. Check out the benefits of solar panels and whether they are worth investing in.


Heat pump – how much power does it consume?

A heat pump is not only an ecological but also an energy-efficient heating device. Thanks to renewable energy sources it is much more efficient than traditional boilers or furnances.


How to maintain healthy home temperature?

Ensure that the microclimate in your home is as favorable as possible.


Security sensors in your home

How do SALUS Smart Home system sensors affect the safety of the house and household members?


Fan coil units – features and types

Find out how to improve the operation of your fan coil unit.


SALUS Controls and Google Home

SALUS Controls devices work with Google Home.


SALUS Smart Home system elements – NEW IN THE OFFER

In recent weeks SALUS Smart Home series has been enriched with another interesting products. We are talking about long-awaited by installers and users motion sensor (MS600) and elegant charging station for SQ610RF thermostat (the device also supports WQ610RF - a model with OpenTherm protocol, outside the Smart Home series).


Discover the benefits of Smart Home in your home

Find out why our system is a modern solution that helps you save money.


Learn about heating control algorithms

Heating control algorithms determine the effectiveness and functionality of temperature thermostats.


Eco – friendly steps for our home

How to avoid wasting energy and reduce pollutants entering the air? See what your options are.


Configurator of SALUS Controls system – how much does a smart home cost?

SALUS Controls Configurator is a user-friendly selection tool that helps installer/user to assemble products and create a system best suited to the needs of household members.


Internet heating control – 10 advantages

Check which SALUS Smart Home devices allow you to control heating online.


Smart home – what can you gain thanks intelligent home control?

SALUS Smart Home is a system for controlling an intelligent home - including heating.


ONE TOUCH rules – one touch, many possibilities

What are OneTouch rules? How do they work? SALUS Smart Home invites you to the world of "technological magic".


SALUS Smart Home App & SALUS UGE600 Internet Gateway

The UGE600 gateway is a modern ZigBee network coordinator. Works with a free web application.


SALUS Smart Home supports your household savings

Saving energy is not difficult. Discover our tips for savings!


Quantum – do you already know our flagship temperature thermostat?

The Smart Home industry is constantly growing. Safety, comfort and ecology are its foundations. But what also counts is the attractive design of the products, which fits into modern interiors.


What makes SALUS Controls unique?

For a thousand reasons, for which it is worth trusting us, we chose two.


Space management – a strong promise, but what does that mean?

Smart Home, i.e. devices connected in a common network that manage the functions of the home - including heating.


Welcome to the SALUS Controls blog!

Stay tuned to the SALUS Controls blog. With us you gain: professional advice on the selection and installation of products and solid technical support at every stage of cooperation.


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