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Traditional radiator heating

In Poland, still the most popular type of CO installation is radiator heating, called traditional heating. The heating effectiveness of radiators installed in houses depends on several factors: the location of radiators, the function of rooms (and what is connected with it, the temperature required in them), the parameters of a given heating system, the temperature of water supply and water returning to the boiler, as well as heat losses depending on the insulation of walls or windows.

Where is radiator heating used?

In rooms on floors, as well as in rooms intended for bedrooms, heating with traditional radiators is most often used. Why? First of all, radiator heating on higher floors is safer because it does not load the ceiling (as opposed to floor heating). Secondly, lower temperature at the floor provides better environment for healthy, comfortable sleep.

Radiator heating is a practical and effective solution for your home

Modern radiators have a small water capacity, they are connected by wires of small diameters. When there is little water in the installation, the energy required to heat the room is also lower, which has a significant ecological dimension. Radiator heating has a small thermal inertia, which means that the radiator heats up quickly and cools down quickly.

In order to make radiator heating work energy-efficient, it is worth investing in modern – synchronized with temperature controllers – thermostatic heads (e.g. TRV10RFM SALUS Controls). Thanks to a precise control algorithm, these devices guarantee that the room temperature setpoint is maintained, preventing overheating, which translates into real savings in the household budget.

Summarizing the advantages of radiator heating:

• easy installation, adjustment, repair, replacement
• quick interior heating – quick temperature control
• universal – can be installed in any room
• radiators selected to the interior design can be a decorative element



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