|_|We are pleased to announce that we have launched SALUS Smart Home website, which will bring you closer to SALUS Controls solutions for intelligent home control.;;https://salus-controls.eu/2020/08/28/odwiedz-strone-internetowa-salus-smart-home/;;Visit the SALUS Smart Home website;;

We are pleased to announce that we have launched SALUS Smart Home website, which will bring you closer to SALUS Controls solutions for intelligent home control.

SALUS Smart Home system adjusts the functions of the house to the needs of its residents.

The products included in the system provide control and regulation of temperature individually in each room, allow you to control lighting, roller blinds, and allow you to build links between the work of home appliances (OneTouch rules) and remote operation of devices - also via the Internet.

What is the "heart" of SALUS Smart Home system? Where can you download the mobile application needed to operate it? How to improve the functionality and security of your home?

After the answer, please visit our new website: salus-smarthome.eu

;;https://salus-controls.eu/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/wejdz-na-sh_v1-scaled.jpg;;https://salus-controls.eu/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/kwadrat-komp.png;;|_|The Smart Home industry is constantly growing. Safety, comfort and ecology are its foundations. But what also counts is the attractive design of the products, which fits into modern interiors. ;;https://salus-controls.eu/2020/08/28/quantum-czy-znasz-juz-nasz-flagowy-regulator-temperatury-2/;;Quantum – do you already know our flagship temperature controller?;;

The Smart Home industry is constantly growing. Safety, comfort and ecology are its foundations. But what also counts is the attractive design of the products, which fits into modern interiors. To meet your expectations, SALUS Controls has designed a unique model of temperature controller - Quantum.

You will find out from the text:

Quantum in Smart Home

What do you need to perfectly adjust the temperature in your home?Thoughtful, reliable devices. So you decide on a trusted brand, and within this brand, on a class of equipment that meets your needs.

Are you looking for an economical, standard or premium version? Because you want to have a choice, you will find every option in SALUS Controls offer.

Today, however, we will talk about a top-class product, about the pride of the company - adapted to all types of heating, a multifunctional temperature controller, which is called Quantum.

Available variants of our flagship:

a. SQ610 model – flush-mounted, powered by 230V
b. SQ610RF model – surface-mounted, battery-powered


The innovative SALUS Controls product with a built-in humidity sensor is characterized by simplicity of operation and installation, which is possible at every stage of building use. It does not matter whether you are building your dream house or renovating an old family house. Installation of the controller could no longer be faster and the menu more intuitive.

Quantum is elegant and flat (only 10 mm thick in the wired option and 11 mm in the wireless option). Its backlit screen makes it easy to program and read data. The ability to create your own work schedules helps you customize the device to suit your needs. The WARM FLOOR function allows you to maintain a pleasant floor temperature, regardless of the active heating program. For example, if you don't need to reheat the room, but only want to walk on a warm floor.

Quantum is based on ZigBee technology, which can be explained most easily as a home network (with a range of up to approx. 100 metres in the open air) through which your devices communicate with each other. For example: an opening sensor will inform the system that a window has been opened and the heating needs to be switched off, and the OneTouch button - if it gets the job - will tell smart plugs to turn on the lights in the selected rooms.

The uniqueness of Quantum is mainly due to its technological capabilities. Unlike its predecessors, it is able to control even all zones in the strip. Thanks to this it can heat a large open area, e.g. a living room combined with a kitchen and dining room.

The heating of your home jumps to the highest level also thanks to the intelligent optimisation of the controller. Among its many useful functions, this one deserves special attention because it noticeably improves your thermal comfort.

How does it work?

Reliable, because mathematically. The algorithms developed by SALUS Controls technologists calculate the moment when the heat source is switched on and off so that in a selected period of time or at a specific time the temperature you set in your rooms is maintained. Pulsed, several-minute reheating maintains the conditions you need in the rooms.

If your body's needs change temporarily, you have the option of using the temperature override mode. You can manually adjust the system settings to your mood, keeping them until the next change in the heating schedule.

Podsumowując – dlaczego sterowanie jest wygodne?

Ponieważ dla każdego pomieszczenia możesz tworzyć osobne, pasujące Ci harmonogramy, które automatyzują pracę Twojego systemu ogrzewania (nie musisz o nim pamiętać ani go aktualizować) lub – nadpisując ustawiony wcześniej harmonogram – na bieżąco możesz zmieniać parametry działania swojego regulatora temperatury.

Online? Offline? You choose.

In combination with the gateway and web application Quantum is part of SALUS Smart Home. The SQ610 model communicates wirelessly with other smart system components (plugs, relays, control strips, wireless heads) in online mode. In the offline mode (i.e. without applications and without Internet access), wireless operation of the controller is possible, under a different "management" - available in the offer of the local mode coordinator (CO10RF).

What is important, using the advantages of SALUS Controls flagship is not excluded and without cooperation with the above mentioned devices. Quantum SQ610 will work perfectly well as an independent regulator, wired to a receiver (e.g. a wired control strip or directly to a heating device such as a boiler). The controller configured in this way can also be added to the SALUS Smart Home application, providing it with wireless communication with other system elements.

For whom?

The advantages of such a modern device will be appreciated by customers who care about perfect control of heating, lighting and roller blinds in their home. But not only. Quantum is a real treat for hoteliers. In this clever device you can set PIN code and setting limits, thanks to which hotel guests will adjust the temperature in their rooms only within the limits set by the owner. So if you are renting rooms in a quiet guesthouse, don't be afraid of the customers-you-dreamers and uncontrolled increase in charges. An appropriate regulator will stop your guests from being frightened.

The flexibility and multifunctionality of Quantum is so great, because it is based on the concern for comfort and user satisfaction. When creating a new model of temperature controller, SALUS Controls experts had one basic assumption: to give you the true prey of modern building automation.

;;https://salus-controls.eu/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/babka-z-quantum-gotowe2.jpg;;|_|For a thousand reasons, for which it is worth trusting us, we chose two. ;;https://salus-controls.eu/2020/08/28/czym-wygrywa-salus-controls/;;What makes SALUS Controls unique?;;
For a thousand reasons, for which it is worth trusting us, we chose two.
Look at them!

Modern technologies were created by man in service of man. Truism? Maybe, but one of those that do not frighten with triviality.

Safety sensors, optimally controlled heating system, heated floor - every day we appreciate the contribution of advanced technological solutions to our life. Thanks to them we live safer, more economically, more conveniently. And more pleasant.

Warmth in the rooms and cosy lighting are, metaphorically speaking, the gateway to comfort. To open them, you need two keys: reliable devices and a properly trained person who will install them in your home.

You will find out from the text:

1. Easy operation of advanced technology

Not as terrible a devil as they paint him

In our temperature controllers you don't have to be afraid of complicated menus and complicated access paths to the necessary functions. SALUS Controls designs its devices according to the "three speed" principle:

User comfort is our goal. For example, the technologically advanced Quantum SQ610 temperature controller is easy and pleasant to use, which is facilitated by: backlit screen, clear menu, personalization of the displayed information (i.e. the possibility to decide which parameters of the controller's operation on the display will be visible and which will be hidden).

The device can operate both in a wireless network (with UGE600 Internet gateway or CO10RF coordinator) and as a separate controller, wired to the receiver. If the Quantum configuration is done through the Internet gateway, from the second option you can go to the first one - add the controller to the SALUS Smart Home system. This will allow online control and communication with its other elements.

What is important, we have reduced to a minimum the number of clicks that the installer must make when starting our leading temperature controller for the first time. You can complete its installation in a few steps:

  1. Connecting the controller to 230V
  2. Choice of installation and operating language
  3. Mode selection - let's repeat:

With us, the devil is not as terrible as they paint him! Easy operation of advanced technology is not only a leading feature, but also one of SALUS Controls' strongest points.

2. SALUS Controls experts

Practice makes the master

Sales representatives and installers of SALUS Controls products are not accidental people. Before anyone starts their professional adventure with our company for good, they must take precise product training.

After learning the necessary theory, our trainings enter the workshop stage and include presentations at mock-up installations. We teach:

Practice makes the master, so a frequently used implementation element is to assist an experienced installer during the installation of devices in the actual building, i.e. in the customer's house/office. The final stage never really comes, because our people regularly attend practical and theoretical training to supplement their knowledge.

Online training and webinar

In recent months we have placed enormous focus on the opportunity to participate in reliable online training. We organized a series of thematic webinars, during which our experts presented the SALUS Smart Home series of products, advised on the selection, discussed how to install and pair devices, and answered participants' questions. A record of the transmission of the webinars is available on the SALUS Controls Poland YouTube channel:

The YouTube channel of SALUS Controls Polska

Training courses on the other SALUS Controls product series are also available online.

You will not get lost in the technological world of SALUS Controls. Our experts will help you choose the equipment that suits your home conditions (sales representatives), install it and teach you how to use it (installers), as well as answer all your questions at any time of use (service).

For many reasons, which are worth trusting us, we chose two.

Now you know, which ones.

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Stay tuned to the SALUS Controls blog. With us you gain: professional advice on the selection and installation of products and solid technical support at every stage of cooperation.

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