|_|With thermostats, the temperature in your home is always perfect - as long as you know how to adjust their operation.;;https://salus-controls.eu/2021/12/10/how-to-configure-the-temperature-thermostat-so-its-not-too-hot-or-too-cold/;;How to configure the temperature thermostat, so it’s not too hot or too cold?;;

Being able to precisely control your indoor temperature is a real everyday luxury. However, you need to know how to use the thermostats, to make them work to suit you. Modern devices that are part of Smart Home installations give you many possibilities. They allow you to plan the automatic operation of heating or air conditioning, so that the temperature inside is always perfect. Check how to use them wisely!

How to configure a temperature thermostat?

Modern temperature thermostats offer many more possibilities than ordinary (manual) thermostats. They can be freely programmed with different modes.

How can I regulate the temperature indoors using thermostats?

Modern temperature thermostats available in SALUS Controls' offer usually have additional functions, for example a party mode, maintaining up to 9 hours of temperature different from the set schedule. Vacation mode can also be very useful, lowering the temperature indoors for a longer absence of household members. Outside the heating season, the installation is also protected by the anti-freeze mode, which ensures that the heating mechanisms do not freeze.

Thermostat configuration - what temperature is optimal?

Everyone has a slightly different perception of temperature. Where some people are cold, others overheat. However, it is worth knowing the general rules for selecting the optimal temperature for the interior and applying them when programming the thermostat at home.

The so-called room temperature is roughly 19-23°C. Once you discover the value that suits you best, this can be used as a starting point for selecting settings for different rooms and time periods.

A warm and cozy bedroom is very pleasant, but for optimal sleep quality a temperature between 16-18°C is most beneficial. So it's a good idea to set your thermostat to lower the temperature while you sleep. It should rise just before your alarm clock sounds to make getting up in the winter much more pleasant.

The bathroom is usually set to the highest temperature in the entire house. This provides comfort and avoids excessive humidity accumulation. It can even reach 24-25°C.

In rooms such as the hallway, the temperature can be 1-2 degrees lower than the living room. This will save energy.

It is a good idea to lower all temperatures at least 1-2 degrees when you leave for work or are away from home for many hours. Thanks to the thermostat settings, optimal temperatures can be restored just before you return home. At the same time, you will save money during your absence. This thermostat setting will provide up to 20% savings on heating costs.

;;https://salus-controls.eu//wp-content/uploads/2022/06/living-room-2732939_960_7201.jpg|_|How do SALUS Smart Home system sensors affect the safety of the house and household members? ;;https://salus-controls.eu/2021/07/07/security-sensors-in-your-home/;;Security sensors in your home;;

Why security sensors are such an important? Smart Home, or intelligent building automation network, gives users the ability to adjust home functions to their needs. Since communication between devices can take place with little human intervention (e.g. programming OneTouch scenarios), controlling them is becoming more and more convenient and useful. The development of civilization is so fast. It is difficult to predict what advanced systems will accompany us in the future. However, we know that the comfort of living, ecology and economical use of energy is not all. Smart Home, thanks to modern security sensors, also protects the house from unwanted events.

The text answers the questions:

Controlling home functions with buttons, smartphones, computers, or voice messages helps to live more easily.

However, people are not always concerned only with convenience. The use of building automation on a daily basis is wider than that. Smart technologies alert you to emergencies and make life easier for the elderly, disabled (and their caregivers).

Entering the Smart Home sector also SALUS Controls brand took care of this aspect. The main idea of the company is focused on intelligent heating control. However, a big advantage of SALUS Smart Home system is taking care of users' safety.

By installing security sensors of the smart series you gain the opportunities. For example, to go to work or shopping and leave the person you care for at home. OneTouch scenarios are helpful here. If someone at home feels unwell and presses the alarm button, you will receive an automatic SMS message. The idea is brilliant. And really effective.

security sensors SALUS

Breakdowns and emergencies - what will security sensors protect you from?

It is worth knowing that smart solutions are a great protection against unpleasant random events. However, no technology can protect a person against all threats. Although, in many situations it is worth to rely on it. Remember that monitoring will not solve every problem. This is where security sensors come in handy.

What home security elements are worth paying attention to? On signaling:

Fire signaling is not just local smoke detection and activating an alarm siren. In SALUS Smart Home system the detection of smoke is automatically followed by SMS or e-mail). Similarly, in the case of detecting water (due to flooding the bathroom etc.) or opening the door or window. What's more, if we create such a OneTouch rule, the system will not only send a notification about flooding. Instead - using SPE600 plug or SR600 relay - will close the water supply, inhibiting the formation of further damage.


if you're away and something alarming happens at home, so you'll get a message and time to react. Even if you monitor your property, cameras will not always capture what is recorded by sensors dedicated to failure detection. The operation of some devices - such as a refrigerator or a washing machine - should be monitored directly. And if after leaving home you are not sure if you closed the window? You can check it remotely using the SALUS Smart Home application (opening sensor). As a result, you can receive a notification when an unauthorized person is in your garage (motion sensor).

Similarly another useful security feature of the SALUS Smart Home system is the simulation of occupants' presence. Thanks to intelligent lighting and blinds, empty interiors "pretend" that the inhabitants are home. Why? By giving the impression of activity of household members, the system will deceive a potential thief. Then it protects the house from burglary. How? By creating and activating a simulation schedule, the lights in the rooms will be switched. It will be done at predetermined times and then - e.g. after several minutes - switched off. Similarly roller blinds will close at sunset and open in the morning.

Which security sensors will improve the functioning of your home?

What do you need to program the above scenarios to strengthen the security of your home? First of all, the pillars of the SALUS Smart Home system, namely the UGE600 internet gateway and the mobile app.

In addition:

We will take a closer look at selected devices.

SALUS Smart Home System SB600, CSB600 wireless buttons: wireless event activators.

They activate one (CSB600) or two (SB600) events (e.g. switching off lights, heating). CSB000 (panic button - model with cover) can function as an alarm button by sending pre-set notification.

Smoke detector SD600

The device detects the presence of smoke.

It can be used independently - without Internet gateway UGE600 and mobile app. However, only as a part of SALUS Smart Home system it has a function of emergency notification.

Water leak sensor WLS600

Waterproof flood sensor that detects water on the surface below it or on the contacts of wires connected to it.

It is possible to close the valve when a leak is detected. The also to send the user a free notification of failure.

OS600/SW600 window/door sensors

Wireless device working in cooperation with the Smart Home app.

Allows you to enter in the schedule to turn off heating in the room. It is done for the time of ventilation / opening the window or door. As part of the system also allows you to receive notifications of the open/close event (windows, doors etc.).

MS600 motion sensor

In collaboration with the intelligent plug (SPE600) or relay (SR600) sensor allows you to turn on or off the lighting.

Smart Plug SPE600: smart plug (extension socket) with overload protection.

Firstly it allows you to control the devices plugged into it. Secondly, indicates the history of energy consumption (application). Thirdly, increases the range of ZigBee network and works with Amazon ALEXA (voice control).

SR600 (Smart Relay)

It's an intelligent relay for voltaged (e.g. boilers, pumps, lighting) and volt-free devices (e.g. control panels, gate controllers, opening sensors). It is designed to work in a switch box, wall socket (maximum load power - 16A). Smart Relay increases the range of the ZigBee network. So it can be paired directly with a thermostat as others work via OneTouch. It shuts off/releases the power supply - just like a Smart Plug.

Security with SALUS Smart Home - remember:

advantages of SALUS security sensors ;;https://salus-controls.eu//wp-content/uploads/2021/07/cover.jpg|_|Check which SALUS Smart Home devices allow you to control heating online.;;https://salus-controls.eu/2020/09/09/internet-heating-control-10-advantages/;;Internet heating control – 10 advantages;;

Online life is the greatest symbol of our times. In other words - it is a must. In our modern, energy-efficient homes, we are increasingly choosing not only for remote control of equipment. We also want to control their work - including the heating system - via the Internet. Find out the advantages of heating control.

Today we will focus primarily on online heating control. Firstly, heating is a key area of SALUS Controls activity. Secondly, it is worth realizing the advantages of this convenience.

You will find out from the text:

To begin with advantages, let us remind you that central heating control via the Internet has a wide range of applications. The regulation of heating parameters using this method works well. Not only in single-family houses, multi-family houses, and rented apartments. Also - due to the possibility of easy control of several systems simultaneously - in hotels and holiday facilities.

man with the background of buildings with different temperature

10 advantages of controlling heating via the Internet

What do you gain by choosing intelligent heating control?

Optimal room heating

... It means high thermal comfort, on which you have constant control. It will be appreciated by users of your house (hotel, office). Remember that you can set the temperature individually for each room. Thanks to precise control algorithms built in the thermostats (e.g. Quantum), maintaining it is easy regardless of where you are at a given moment. Your family (guests, employees) will never be too hot or too cold.

Remote change of settings (in mobile app)

The advantage of buying a heating control system is that you can create a work schedule separate for each room. Although, as life shows, once set, the settings do not always keep up with you. There are faster than usual arrivals from work or departures with an unknown return date. Then the schedule is not enough. After an exhausting day, you need to manually adjust your settings to get back to your perfectly warm home. You can control the heat source online from your office or even from a hotel in Mallorca. The current updates of heating parameters is therefore another advantage of managing your home automation via the Internet.

A method for the forgetful

Once in a while, we all forget about prosaic actions. For example: turning off the lights or turning off the DHW pump, etc. Having online access to home appliances, we will be able to solve your problems at any time. In the Internet app, we will correct the heating values or switch off the equipment. Even if we are hundreds of kilometers away!

Advantages for hoteliers

Online control of heating is a great convenience for hotel managers, as the Internet gateway (UGE600) supports multiple rooms and thermostats simultaneously. With one gateway you can connect up to 100 devices. It means that one system can even cover the entire facility. Of course, it is worth creating a separate system for each floor. Then it will be easier to find the thermostat in the Internet app. As a result, you can control the temperature from home or from the private part of the hotel. Also, you can update the set limits in the rooms rented by customers.

Control temperature settings from anywhere in the world

We have already mentioned this, but it is worth creating a separate point for this advantage. This solution adapts the thermal conditions of the building to our needs better than any other.


Proper heating control brings not only comfort but also real savings. The biggest financial advantage of heating control is that you do not waste energy when you are away from home. Your schedules allow you to vary room temperatures during the day. You don't overdrive the apartment. You do not heat a building if you do not need. Also, you do not overheat rooms where a higher temperature is not needed. The online control additionally increases the efficiency of heating, as it allows you to make an ad-hoc adjustment of the preset settings. You operate the settings according to the circumstances and in case of an emergency, for example, you eliminate the heating of an empty house. You use less heating fuel and do not lose money.

Monitoring of the operation of home / hotel / office equipment

This advantage must be combined with the previous point, on the one hand, and on the other hand, it must be seen more widely than in terms of heating control, as it applies to all building automation. The SALUS Smart Home mobile application has the function of creating energy consumption charts. Thanks to the Smart Plugs system, you get detailed data on which devices work efficiently and which ones expose you to unnecessary power consumption costs. This knowledge allows you to modify the operation of the equipment, set a different mode of operation or decide to replace it with a more energy-efficient model.

Security bonuses as advantages (SMS notifications of possible threats)

As it appears from the previous point, control of heating via the Internet goes beyond the control of room temperatures. The Smart Home app that supports the Smart Home network has more functions. One of them is the possibility of receiving SMS or e-mail notifications, e.g. about a fire in the boiler room (smoke sensor), flooding in the kitchen (flood sensor), or an intruder entering the house (opening sensor). This option gives a chance to react quickly and minimize losses. If you decide to control your heating system online, you gain the security of your house (hotel, office).

UGE600 SALUS Internet Gateway, WLS600 Flooding Sensor, OS600 Opening Sensor, advantages

Environmental advantages

As with saving money, controlling heating via the Internet - by reducing overdrive and unnecessary energy consumption - provides eco profits. Reducing emissions affects the environment, becoming a tool for combating global climate change and its negative impact on our health.

Increasing the value of a building in the property market

Building automation is a factor that plays an important role in the purchase decision of a potential buyer. A facility equipped with a system of Internet heating control at the start up gain the prestige of a modern, intelligent house, and what is connected with it - a better price. Developers wishing to increase the value of their investment should bear this aspect in mind.

What do you need to control your heating over the Internet?

In the SALUS Smart Home offer created for online heating control you will find:

  1. "Heart" of the smart system - UGE600 Internet gateway, ensuring communication of all devices in the network.
  2. Free SALUS Smart Home app, which, thanks to its tiled, "clickable" menu layout, enables convenient display and quick correction of parameters.
  3. Temperature thermostats and executive devices operating within the SALUS Smart Home system: wiring centres, control modules, thermostatic heads, smart products (sensors, Smart Plugs etc.)
Smartphone with SALUs Smart Home App, Wiring Centre, UGE600 Internet Gateway, Quantum Thermostat, TRV, One Touch Button, OS600 Opening Sensor

SALUS Smart Home is not reserved for newly constructed buildings. It can easily be adapted to existing and long-used buildings.

You spend a lot of time online every day. Why shouldn't your home (hotel, office) also be online? Take advantage of the possibilities offered by Internet heating control - we have indicated 10 of advantages, but in everyday use you will certainly multiply this number.

;;https://salus-controls.eu//wp-content/uploads/2021/11/cover-sh-telefon-ze-strona-sh_eu.png|_|Saving energy is not difficult. Discover our tips for savings!;;https://salus-controls.eu/2020/08/28/salus-smart-home-supports-your-household-budget/;;SALUS Smart Home supports your household savings;;

The longer you fail to take action, the more money you lose /Carrie Wilkerson/.

Home is the place where we feel best. We enjoy the decor tailored to our tastes, comfortable furniture, beautiful decorations, and souvenirs collected over the years. However, the prosaic nature of life gets to everyone. There is no greater joy for a host than low electricity bills. Sooner or later we all ask ourselves a question: how to reduce operating costs of the so-called media?

From this text you will learn:

Reduce your energy savings

Wasting energy - and therefore money - on a daily basis is a plague. We rarely think about the fact that carelessness costs money. We don't turn off the lights or unplug the chargers. Adding up these and many other neglectful behaviors, we unintentionally cause the operating costs of our homes to rise.

What can we do to change this?

We should start by replacing energy-consuming appliances with those with energy class A, A+, A++, and preferably A+++. But what about bad habits? We have put together some tips for you, which you should already put into practice:

1. Use appliances that consume the most energy wisely:

turning on the kettle, creating the savings

2. In frequently used rooms, replace traditional light bulbs with energy-efficient LED lamps. They not only consume less energy but will shine brightly for longer, pleasing to the eye.

3. Plug electronics into power strips with a switch. Thanks to this you can turn off receivers which are not used for a long time.

4. Introduce SALUS Smart Home solutions to your home. If after dinner you do not remember to turn off the light in the kitchen. Every night you fall asleep in front of the TV. Our smart plugs are the perfect solution then. Working according to a schedule, Smart Plugs will cut off power to devices at a predetermined time. It will reduce energy consumption. Simply create a rule to turn everything off at midnight.

Remember: Each optimized device will increase the amount of savings!

Our golden rule: save money without sacrificing comfort.

It's not about saving at the expense of your comfort. Low bills make you happy if you're freezing in a dark house? Cut off from information, friends spread across the world, and your favorite virtual entertainment? Not likely.

That's not what smart saving is all about. The secret lies in the efficiency of devices and conscious use of them. Smart Home industry was created to prove that by living economically you not only don't lose comfort. You gain it.

Savings on heating

Talking about the burden on the household budget, it should be reminded that the largest part of the energy consumed during the operation of the house is heating. Do you want to save a lot of energy and create savings every day? You cannot skip SALUS Controls proposals for heating systems. Why? The segment responsible for temperature control is the most important for our company. In this area, we have the knowledge and many years of experience. What follows - we have introduced to the market many high-quality products and proven technological solutions.

Why is it worth using intelligent heating control?

Firstly, by adjusting the temperature of rooms to your current needs, you avoid overheating of less frequented rooms. Also, you avoid the unnecessary charges for heat that you do not need.

SALUS Controls room thermostats work flexibly. Their task is to maintain the temperature in rooms set by you. However, it doesn't mean that being away from home, you have no influence on the work of your heating devices. From the office, from a restaurant, from a hotel in Las Palmas - you can react. Our thermostats work according to set schedules, but they also take your ad hoc decisions into account.

The result? Controlling temperature = controlling payments.

Secondly, a free SALUS Smart Home application registers and shows the energy consumption of devices working at home, giving you a preview (and view!) on the sources of consumption of your money. The history of energy consumption will allow you to make cost calculations.

You are no longer shooting in the dark - a heater in the hallway, a lamp in the bedroom, a computer? Why are the bills higher than you expected? With specific data, you know what to watch and what temperature schedule to create for each room.

Research shows that - aware that the Smart Home really does relieve the household budget - we are willing to invest in it.

284 milions is how much in 2023 we will spend on controlling via smart home

Final conclusions

Modern technology has ceased to be a tangle of technical parameters. It has become a support, a determinant of comfort and safety. An intelligent home is not just a combination of commands. In practice it is a place programmed according to your needs:

SALUS Smart Home thus fulfills the function of a personal SECRETARY, ACCOUNTANT, and SECURITY INSPECTOR: takes care of the welfare of your family, watches over the daily schedule, counts expenses.

If you haven't already, take the helm of your "deck".

SALUS Controls will provide you with perfect control.