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Examples of OneTouch rules


What does a smart home offer?

How can our system help you?

You know why you control your heating. Regardless of the weather, you want to feel comfortable at home and at work – it can be neither too warm nor too cold. Automated control maintain the temperature you expect (set) in each room (zone). Custom schedules for each type of installation, created in the web application, take care of the best heating operation. It’s energy efficient. However, what else does a smart home provide? How will a complex home control system improve your daily comfort? How will it help you save on electricity or water bills?

Learn new examples of OneTouch rules and dependencies between devices working in a common home network – controlled online. What operating scenarios will you create for: heating, lighting, better functionality and building security?

Are you sure you know what smart home gives in case of temperature control?

Home savings guardian

Do you leave for work at different times? Write down a rule that will switch all room thermostats to economy mode (i.e. lower heating fuel consumption) with the push of a button.

Install the button (OneTouch rule activator – CSB600) at the front door. Click it on your way out. With a quick movement you will save heating energy and money.

At any time – for example, an hour before you return home – you turn off the rule in the web application. What does a smart home give you in this situation? You save money without sacrifice.

Remember that by lowering the room temperature by as little as 1°C, you save about 6% on energy costs – on the scale of the entire heating season. It pays off.

Pleasant returns

Returning to a dark, cold house will spoil the best mood. Make your returns comfortable. All you need to do is create a rule that ” brings the interior to life” when you deactivate the entry alarm.

Moments after it is turned off, selected lights will light up, taming the darkness, and the heating will go into comfort mode, giving you perfect warmth. You will use not only temperature thermostats for this, but also networked smart relays or smart plugs.

Ventilation assistant

Fresh air is priceless? Generally yes, but…

Did you forget to stop the heating system for ventilation? Before you are reminded by high bills, set a rule that turns off the heating of the room when the window is opened. An opening sensor linked to the room thermostat will help you do this. You don’t have to worry about paying for reheating the backyard.

Bathing assistant

Do you bathe a small child at the same time every day? Make sure the bathroom is ready – waiting with a warm floor and cozy lighting. Make a rule so that for a selected hour the temperature in it will rise, the floor will heat up, the led lights by the mirror will turn on. You will use thermostats for underfloor heating and smart plug for this.

Virtual housekeeper

Do you rent holiday homes in the winter? Take care of your guests’ comfort, but also manage your energy consumption economically.

Create two related rules: for comfort temperature and economy temperature. Then activate one of them using your smartphone (web app) even hundreds of kilometers away from the rental property. You will also do this for radiator heating (smart TRV head), as well as for underfloor heating (wiring centres, actuators).

Before your guests arrive, you will remotely start the comfort mode. After they leave, you will remotely put the facility into heating fuel-saving mode.

Win-win. Guests will be welcomed with warmth, you will cut costs.

Knowing what a smart home gives when it comes to heating control, let’s see its advantages when it comes to lighting control.

Intelligent light control

A bright fortress

In the evening, lights around the house make you feel more secure and much safer. They make it easier to move around the garden. An illuminated home is a well-maintained home. That’s why take advantage of smart relay and create a rule that turns on outdoor lighting at sunset and turns off after sunrise. You can also do this at selected times or depending on the operation of other devices, such as when the system opens the entrance gate.

Work assistant: work-life balance

Do you work remotely and want to maintain a balance between work duties and rest? SALUS Smart Home will easily take care of your home lighting to help you establish a balance. When your work time is up, the desk lamp will turn off (SR600). The blinds will close (RS600) and spot lights by the couch will light up (SR600).

Dark windows, bright interiors

Thanks to OneTouch’s set rules, you don’t have to remember about them every day. A good example of this is linking the operation of the blinds to the operation of the lighting, which will turn on automatically when the blinds go down. When the windows go dark (RS600), the room will brighten up (SPE600).

What does a smart home offer?

Do you happen to go to bed and wonder which rooms you left with the lights on? Each unnecessarily lit lamp increases your electricity charges.

With the SALUS Smart Home system, you will create a rule that will turn off the lights throughout the building (SR600 x number of lamps). You’ll activate it by pressing just one button (CSB600). Place it next to your bed and sleep peacefully. You will also activate the rule in the web application.

Motionless switch

Do you forget to turn off the light when you leave the kitchen? Annoyed that you have no way to do it while leaving with plates in both hands? Create a rule to turn off the lights, for example, 5 minutes after the movement in the kitchen stops (SR600 + MS600).

Evening walk around the house

Evening housekeeping is an intense time as you clean up the house and prepare it for the next day. Walking from room to room after dark, you don’t have to turn the lights on and off every time.

By creating appropriate rules, when you enter a room, the lamp will automatically turn on and off, for example, a few minutes after the movement stops (MS600 + SR600).

Home lighting will always keep up with you. It is a convenience and modern economy that gives you savings. You just need to remember to determine the time of activation of this rule.

Night light activator

Don’t like darkness? When getting out of bed at night, do you want to cross the hallway safely? Program a rule that, detecting your presence after dark (MS600), will activate the lighting (SR600). If you have a pet at home, don’t be afraid of accidental activations. The sensor does not detect the movement of pets up to 36 kg.

Here, too, you must remember to specify the hours of the rule.

Bright after opening

If you don’t want to be tripping over your bathroom furniture, write down a rule that activates the lighting when you open the toilet door – set the hours for it. The idea will also work when entering the workshop, basement, garage – in all rooms where you fear darkness.

Kitchen lighting

Assisting light in the kitchen is a convenience and time-saver. Especially if it follows your movements. Create a rule so that the led lights above the cutting board turn on when you start working on it and off when you’re done preparing a meal (MS600+ SPE600).

Also, take advantage of the subtle light of the hood light to make any entrance to the kitchen safe and pleasant. The gentle glow from under the hood will brighten up the room.

Sleep assistant – baby

When you think about what a smart home or automation in general provides, you certainly don’t see all the possibilities available to you. Facilitation are waiting at almost every step.

Does your child fall asleep with the light on? Do you have to wait until late every night to turn it off? Create a rule to turn off your child’s light at a certain time, or assign this rule to a single button and place it next to your bed (SB600). You can turn off the light in your toddler’s room at any time with a single press.

Sleep assistant – adults

Do you like to read late and your partner/partner falls asleep earlier without turning off the light on their side of the bed? Program rules to turn off your bedside lamps and assign them to the OneTouch dual rule activator – the top button will turn off your lamp and the bottom button will turn off your partner’s/partner’s lamp.

When you finish reading, turn off the bedroom light – without getting up and without disturbing the other person’s sleep. To easily operate the lighting on both sides of the bed, install two rule activators – one on each nightstand (SB600 x 2).

Relaxation Zone Activator

Do you enjoy spending evenings with family or friends? Do you relax while watching TV? Smart home will take care of convenient operation of your private relaxation zone.

Create a rule to activate intimate room lighting and activate it with one button (light dimmer + SB600). In a few seconds, the blinds will drop (RS600) and the living room will be covered with a cozy mood.

Home presence simulator

To ensure that your home does not entice potential thieves with darkness while you are away for several days, create rules to turn on, reduce and turn off lights.

At designated times in the garden and in selected rooms of the house, the lamps will dim, brighten, turn on and off, posing the presence of householders.

Add to this a customized plan for closing and opening blinds. Everything will create the perfect semblance – as if you were there!

You run the rule remotely from the app. You can adjust all settings via your smartphone – wherever you are.

Christmas guardian

Activate a schedule that will turn on and off the lights on your Christmas tree at designated times. You can also do it remotely  – using our web app and your smartphone.

Don’t worry that Christmas decorations will ruin your New Year’s budget. Write down a rule so that your home’s surroundings will be charmingly lit only after sunset and until a selected time (e.g., 11 p.m.) – when you can admire them. You’ll build a family atmosphere while saving energy and money if the light decorations are kept off all night.

Digital accountant

If you want to find out how much electricity your home’s appliances are using, hook them up to a plug that records electricity consumption. Check the consumption on the clear graphs available in the web app. Use the collected data to optimize the operation of your home appliances. Now you know what to keep an eye on.

Everyday comfort: what does smart home and automation offer?

Lower the blinds without getting up from your seat

When you finally melt into your favorite armchair after a busy day, you don’t want to get up from it without having to do it. With a smart home system, it will only take you a moment to prepare your living room for an evening of relaxation.

With the OneTouch rule activator (SB600) or your smartphone, with a single press you can close the blinds in the TV room (RS600) and create the atmosphere of a home movie theatre.

Waking up by the sun

If you like to get up with the sun, set the operation of the bedroom blinds so that they open at sunrise and close at sunset. To make waking up even more pleasant, create a rule that opens the blind first at 30%, after a few minutes at 50%, and finally at 100% (RS600). The gradual welcoming of the sun in the morning will help you start even the hardest day nicely.

Weekend in the mountains

A weekend in the mountains is one of the pleasures we like to give ourselves spontaneously. To make it more convenient, create a scenario that prepares the mountain house for your arrival even before you set off. Just prepare the rules that run the comfort temperature and prepare relaxing lighting. You’ll turn them on even before your trip.

Turn up the aura of summer

Who doesn’t love spending warm evenings with family or friends in the backyard by the illuminated pool? Find out what a smart home can offer. Create a scenario that transforms a dark backyard into an atmospheric setting in a split second – perfect for capturing the charm of summer.

When you press the button (SB600), the soft spot lights by the pool will come on, the façade lights (SR600) will light up, and the lawn will be illuminated. A second press of the button will reverse the rule, allowing you to end the evening quickly and comfortably.

Lower power and water consumption

When you want to save on electricity and water consumption in sanitary rooms, you can activate efficient OneTouch rules:

  • The fan in the bathroom will start only when you enter it.
  • Similarly, the circulation pump will only run for a few minutes – the time when you are most likely to use the hot water.
  • The light will turn on when you are in the bathroom and turn off when you leave.

Based on the SALUS smart Home system, you will use a motion sensor and smart relays for this. Remember that small daily savings will allow you to live ecologically and economically. You save without sacrificing comfort.

Healthy air

Overly humid rooms are not good to spend time in and cause the growth of harmful mold. Create a rule so that the temperature thermostat immediately detects too much humidity (Quantum) and the system automatically starts ventilation (SR600).

If the thermostat indicates too little moisture in the air, the system will automatically activate the humidifier.

It is worthwhile to ensure the best air quality in your home. This will reduce the risk of respiratory diseases in you and your children.

Entrance gate opener

Conveniently open all entrance gates with one button (CSB600).

Install the button in a handy location, such as in the garage. Set a rule that closes the gates after a certain time (SR600). You can also open the entrance gate from your smartphone app, having a rule set to close it after, 2 minutes for example.

You are assured that you won’t forget to close the entrance.

It’s so easy to make things easier for yourself!

Remote home opening

With the SALUS Smart Home system you will remotely let a trusted person come into your garage, even though no one is home! You’ll do it with your smartphone using a web app and an on-site smart relay.

The courier no longer has to leave the package at your neighbor’s house or, even worse, on a wet doormat. He can do it in your garage. A child who forgot his key doesn’t have to wait at a friend’s house for your return. You let them in through the garage door wherever you are – shopping or at a business meeting.

Home under the protection of technology

Instant notifications of an emergency

Smart home gives not only comfort, but also security. The cost of building a house or renovating an apartment is huge.

Set rules that will alert you to a fire (SD600) or water leak (WLS600). You’ll receive an SMS immediately if there’s an emergency in your home: smoke appears or your washing machine breaks down. This will help you react as quickly as possible and minimize the damage.

Safe heating system

If you have a house in the mountains or by the sea, control its heating system when it is standing empty. Similarly, if you own more than one apartment. After all, you can’t be everywhere at once.

Setting an economic or antifreeze temperature is ideal to keep your heating from freezing. However, if there is damage to the heat source, no mode will do the job. The temperature will drop to low values. And this threatens the cost of repairing or replacing the entire installation.

Protect your building’s heating system and set up a rule to send a notification of a dangerous temperature drop (SMS or e-mail). Breakdowns happen everywhere – to everyone. Don’t be unpleasantly surprised.

Protection against flooding – a brake on the damage

Sometimes a simple malfunction causes an avalanche of expenses. How to prevent it?

OneTouch rules can work with the plumbing system in your smart home. When the system detects flooding in the monitored area (WLS600), it will cut off the water supply at the place where the fault occurred (SR600).

You will immediately receive a text message about the incident. You will avoid floor replacement and costly renovation.

Burglar alarm without a siren

SALUS Smart Home will enhance the security of your home in many ways. In creating security only sky is the limit.

The simplest way to protect your home or apartment from burglary is to install an opening sensor at the entrance (SW600) and set a rule that sends an SMS when someone opens the door in your absence. You will be able to call a neighbor or the police.

But if at the same moment, detecting motion (MS600), the lights in the rooms come on and the blinds open or close, the thief will feel caught in the act. There’s a good chance he’ll give up the theft.

Dangerous cabinets

Even in a secure, modern home, some unpredicted things happen. If you’re worried that your child might open a medicine or detergent cabinet, mount an opening sensor (SW600) next to it and set a rule that sends an SMS notification when the door is opened. The same way you can secure important documents or personal records.

Turning off electrical appliances

Are you always in a hurry? Can’t remember if you turned off the iron after ironing your clothes in the morning? Or maybe you remembered that you definitely didn’t turn it off? Plug your device into our smart plug. In the office, in the car, in the cafe – anywhere you can check if the iron is not drawing power and turn it off with one click if necessary.

In the app, you can also set a rule to turn off the iron after 30 minutes from startup. You will save money and avoid the risk of fire.

Caregiver in sickness

People who are disabled or sick will feel safer being able to quickly call for help if they are unwell. In worse health, they don’t always have the strength to call or write a message.

The rule activator will serve as an emergency safety button. All you have to do is assign a rule to it, sending a predetermined message to a loved one, such as „Come, I’m feeling bad” or „Call an ambulance„.

One click and help will arrive on time.

Guardian of your construction site

SALUS Smart Home will easily take care of the safety of any construction site. You will receive SMS notification of unwanted events. What does the smart home give you if you arrange the right rules?

  • It will activate halogen lights when someone appears on the property (MS600+ SPE600).
  • It will activate the alarm siren when someone opens the door (SW600 + SR600).

The app will also open the garage or warehouse door for the construction crew (remote home opening – SR600).

Guardian of an unoccupied development

Are you taking care of a house far away from your permanent residence?

SALUS Smart Home system allows you to remotely control heating and monitor a building where temporarily no one lives. From anywhere in the world you can control the temperature in such a building (e.g. VS10BRF thermostat + TRV head/ KL08RF wiring centre + T30NC actuator). If someone comes inside, you will receive a notification (SW600 sensor).

Quick scanning of the house

The comfort provided by automation is not only daily conveniences, but also peace of mind. A web application allows you to quickly scan a building equipped with SALUS Smart Home series products.

This function allows you to check each room and the devices in it. It is an priceless help when you want to make sure you leave your home safe before you get out – windows closed, lights and electrical equipment turned off.

Your peace of mind is priceless.

Statuses in the SALUS Smart Home system

Now that we know what smart home brings to everyday life, let’s take a look at another useful feature of the system – STATUSES.

What are statuses? They are nothing more than sets of rules for: heating, lighting and also other smart home elements. The statuses trigger scenarios that fit specific circumstances (winter, summer, trip, party, etc.).

Winter will play by your rules

Winter routine is different from summer routine – so create your own rules package for status: WINTER. Here are examples.

You’re heating the house and want the rooms to be the perfect temperature: comfortable when you’re in them and economical when you’re not (schedules). It’s getting dark early. As you drive onto the property in the afternoon, you need a well-lit facade and garage (after-dark rules). You want the light to keep up with you, turning on (e.g., from 4 p.m.) in the rooms you enter and turning off when you leave them.

Summer – impose your rules on the heat

Summer routine is hugely different from winter – create a rule package for status: SUMMER.

With summer temperatures, you don’t heat the house, temperature thermostat go into a „sleep” state for several months. It’s brighter outside for longer, and it gets darker later, so you need façade and interior lighting on at later hours. At other times you open and close the blinds. You use led lights by the garden pool, for which you can also set a daily work schedule.

Parties – only you set the rules of fun

Home parties are governed by their own rules. Your party rhythm is different from the daily rhythm, so you can create a separate working scenario for it, e.g. heating, lighting.

Just the way you like it.

The temperature in the living room will be higher than usual at night, because, after all, you are not sleeping – you are partying. The light will remain atmospherically dimmed, but the blinds will be uncovered – unlike on regular evenings – to keep an eye on the backyard, guests’ cars and to see the outdoor lighting. In the heat of the game, it’s a good idea to know when a child sleeping in his room will wake up and go out into the hallway. You will receive a text message notification about it.

Leaving – a smart home knows how to take care of itself

Leaving for an extended period of time, you will prepare your home for your absence with one click on your smartphone – status for the situation: EXIT.

The temperature will go into economy mode. After dark, a rule will be activated to simulate the presence of household members (lights and blinds). You will receive a notification when someone opens a door in your house or a window in the garage.

Let’s summarize

From today’s text, it is clear what a smart home gives to anyone who decides to transform their home space into a space of intelligent, logical scenarios. We have shown many examples of the use of OneTouch rules, as well as dependencies and hardware connections. It’s up to you to decide which ones will work best in your home. Remember, on the other hand, that for creating your home control system you need to have the UGE600 universal Internet gateway and the SALUS Smart Home application.

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