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We solve 4 major concerns about heating control


Why don’t you choose a heating control system?

A heating control system is needed in every place where people live and work. Thanks to it, the heating system does not waste heat energy, and the right temperature improves well-being and supports our biological rhythm – improves concentration, quality of rest, sleep. We have written about this many times. However, still not everyone decides to install a control system. Today we try to answer the question of what stands in the way of this decision. Why do some of us not control the heating in our home? We present the 4 most common concerns and explain why they are wrong.

Concern 1: „What do I actually need it for?”

Modern heating controls – both radiator and underfloor heating – are wrongly associated with luxury. Something that comes in handy, but is not so useful as to be essential. So much for the efficient intake of heating fuel provided by a heating control system, this is no luxury. Here, it’s really about something more than convenience and thermal comfort – which we are willing to sacrifice, especially now, in tough economic times.

Temperature thermostats are not a luxury good, but a utility good.

They were created to consciously consume the heating medium throughout the winter season. Accurate control algorithms and well-thought-out schedules allow us to adjust the temperature to how we live and prevent energy waste. We use only as much energy as we need to.

But this only happens with devices that constantly control this process. Further conclusions follow: if our installation uses less heating fuel, we pay lower energy bills.

What about zone control?

Then there’s ZONE CONTROL, which we sometimes don’t consider at all, thinking it’s unnecessary („Why do we need a thermostat in every room?”). It seems to us that if we buy one thermostat and install it where we are most often, it is enough to control the heating. However, this is a dead end, because then we will have the optimal temperature only in this one room – in the other rooms it will be random. So what if, for example, the living room will be pleasantly warm (because the thermostat will make sure the comfortable temperature there), if the rooms of other household members will be cold? In the end, it will force us to raise the heating parameters, so there is no way to save money.

What’s worse, in such a situation, the main room – the one with the thermostat and the one where it was supposed to be perfectly warm – will be overheated. Only thermostats working in each room separately will actually allow us to adjust the temperature to our expectations – no matter what kind of heating we have, what kind of heat source. The intake of the heating medium will be economical and ecological. And then we will pay lower bills. And this is what a heating control system is needed for.

Concern 2: „Too expensive.”

Since the heating control system is associated with luxury, the concern of the unconvinced may be its price. Because, as we all know, you have to pay a lot for luxury. So the idea that the control system is expensive may hold us back from buying it. This thought discourages us from doing the calculations and checking „how expensive”. Maybe not as expensive as we thought after all?

We treat the investment in advance as an expense and not as an investment in saving money. And that is exactly what it is – an investment in saving money and energy, as we wrote above. So if we look at this one-off cost as something that will pay off and pay off in lower heating energy consumption, the price will no longer be a scaring. It will be a contribution to a 'cheaper tomorrow’. After all, it is a well-known fact that you have to invest to gain.

In addition to all this, the product range is rich. Among SALUS Controls thermostats you can find models at really affordable prices. After all, ZONE CONTROL does not require the purchase of the most expensive thermostats at once.

Yes, they will work if you want the latest solutions with many features, such as an integrated humidity sensor or a comfortably warm floor option (with underfloor heating).

Such thermostats offer the possibility of expanding the smart home system and creating scenarios of device dependencies (tap to run), which is a great help in running a household. However, if you do not care about such advanced functions or controlling your heating via the Internet, there are cheaper products to choose from. Cheaper, but still proven and effective.

Concern 3: „Too much trouble, difficult to manage”.

The very name „heating control system” sounds like something complicated, something you have to learn, something you have to know how to handle – so that it works as it should, and so that you don’t break anything. This can be a discouraging factor, because technology sometimes scares us. Especially if you feel that once you have brought it under your roof, you are left alone with it. Not everyone feels like reading long instructions and then figuring out everything by trial and error anyway. And there is some validity in this concern – home automation requires a certain amount of knowledge. But, if you choose well, it’s not a barrier.

Many brands – such as ours – take great care to ensure that the customer is not left alone with the technology after purchase. SALUS Controls offers continuous and free assistance in the installation and then in the operation of the devices. It can be used by installers as well as individual customers. At the same time, permanent assistance is one that lasts for the entire life of the heating control system.

Thanks to the experience and knowledge of our installers, even at the installation stage of the system, the customer has the chance to ask questions and clear up any doubts. The installers explain everything in detail. They support the customer not only during installation, but also during start-up and operation.

Finally, we try to ensure that the user manuals for our products are not big books, in which it is difficult to find the information needed. Our abbreviated manuals are specific information that the customer needs to know in order to operate the purchased equipment correctly. Everything is described and supported by clear diagrams. On our YouTube channel, we regularly post instructional videos in which we show, step by step, the process of pairing drivers and implementing the system. So there should be no fear of handling our equipment. The customer is never left alone with the technology we create.

Concern 4: „A heating control system is an idea that is only good for new houses”.

It is also a myth that a heating control system is only for new buildings. This is not true.

Of course, the installation of 230 V appliances does indeed require the routing of cables, which often involves renovation work, forging of walls, etc. Therefore, it is much easier to plan it during the construction phase of a building or premises. The more extensive the system, the more thoughtful the installation work should be. However, this is not the rule.

If you decide on a heating control system made entirely or mostly of wireless products, annoying renovation work is out of the question. Of course, signal strength is important for the smooth operation of the system. Therefore, it is worth knowing that in the SALUS Smart Home system, each 230 V device strengthens the wireless signal, in a way becoming a repeater. This allows you to build a solid network of home devices.

So, a heating control system can be successfully installed in any building/apartment – including one that we have lived in for a long time.

Are we sure we know the possibilities?

There is another reason why we do not always control our heating system. This reason is the fact that we are not aware of how good a heating control system we can create for ourselves. And not necessarily in houses, but also in flats. People simply don’t know that they can do this and how much they can gain by, for example, already owning a 2-3 room flat. And they can gain the same things as homeowners – comfort and savings.

What does it take to create a functional and economical system in a flat?

You will need intelligent TRV thermostatic heads mounted at the radiators (radiator heating), room thermostats and – for example – opening sensors to place at the windows. With these devices, you will gain control over the consumption of heating fuel:

  • We set our own heating schedules: comfort and economy temperatures for the rooms at selected times (zone control). From then on, we don’t have to worry about what temperature we need, in which room, at what time of day – the system does it for us. We will never get cold, we will never be too hot. We do not pay extra for this comfort. In fact, we save on it.
  • The thermostats work with the TRV thermostatic heads to regulate the distribution of hot water to the radiators in the rooms to maintain the set temperature. The radiators do not operate randomly, ad hoc or 'on demand’. The temperature is constantly controlled and maintained.
  • The sensors installed at the windows work together with the thermostats in the smart home system. As a result, when the window is opened, the thermostats send a signal to the TRV’s, which stop the heating for the duration of the ventilation. No heating energy is wasted.

Examples of such rules for flats can be multiplied, depending on the needs. And your imagination.

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