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Looking for a method to save energy? Choose heating control


Energy fuel prices will continue to rise. It’s hard to predict at what level they will be in the coming heating season, as well as in the following ones. Energy conservation awaits each of us. How to reduce energy expenses on your own, without losing comfort? Prudent use of heating fuel is the first thing that comes to mind, but improving CH efficiency will pay off more.

Discounts or subsidies will not stop rising inflation. They will only postpone its unpleasant effects. If we’re in the mood for it, we can joke that it will be cheapest to light a fire and rely on the traditional way of heating the house. Only that jokes, while they certainly help to endure reality, will not translate into energy savings. Let’s rethink our steps during this difficult time.

Replacing the installation with a more economical one is not the only option to pay less. However, not everyone can afford such an investment, while everyone wants to do something to reduce the expense of heating the house. Besides, even if we decide to upgrade the entire CH, we still have a chance to increase savings. It is given by installing the right control system for the heating system – any kind.

Why does temperature control save heating energy?

It doesn’t matter whether we heat the building with a solid fuel boiler, liquid fuel boiler, electric boiler, gas boiler. Or maybe we heat the house with an ecological heat pump? It doesn’t matter either. What matters is primarily the way of the installation consumes the heating fuel we pay for. This way can be wasteful if we do not use controllers for heating. Investing in them will definitely be cheaper than replacing the installation, and will bring the desired results. That’s because automating energy consumption is low-carbon and energy-efficient. It protects the environment and – which is now hugely important – reduces bills.

Installation of the control system is not complicated or hard. Well-known brands, such as SALUS Controls, offer free support during the selection, installation and subsequent use of control products. Saving energy is easier than it seems.

The heat source (boiler, heat pump), controlled by heating automation, produces only as much heat as it really needs to maintain the temperature we set. There is no overheating of the interiors or cooling them, after which even more energy is needed to restore a comfortable temperature for us. Of course, room thermostats do not affect the price of heating fuel, but they help to manage its intake. As a result, heating costs are reduced no matter what type of fuel we heat the house with.

Zone control and energy savings

If the heating of a building is based on measurements coming from only one room, such as the living room, where the thermostat has been installed, the temperature in the other rooms will be random. This is neither efficient nor, of course, comfortable. Someone will always be either too cold or too hot. Zone control allows you to easily manage the heat of each room separately.

Investment in one thermostat seems to be a smaller expense than the one-time purchase of several temperature thermostats – needed for zone control. However, this is a that simple, since such a calculation is about the initial expense, not energy savings. Over the course of the building’s operation, zone control will save on energy consumption, which will increase the savings from buying just one thermostat, installed in the most frequently used room.

Control automation by SALUS Controls

SALUS Controls offers energy-saving devices for temperature control in buildings using any type of heating: radiator, underfloor, electric, fan coil. There is a choice of modern thermostats operating by wire, wireless, via the Internet – the SALUS Smart Home system.

It is worth taking a closer look at the devices that support daily energy savings, because temperature control helps optimize the operation of the heating system not only in private homes, but also in commercial premises, workplaces, offices or hotels.

Energy saving vs. controllers – how does it work in practice?

With zone control, that is, installing a temperature thermostat separately in each room, we can reduce the heat by a few degrees in places where we are less often present (such as the hallway). The same, when no one is at home. A few days or even hours a day of economical temperature will make a difference when paying bills later.

According to experts, lowering the temperature in homes by 1℃ saves 6-7% on energy bills. If we translate this over the entire heating season, the numbers starting to be major. Consciously lowering the temperature – without sacrificing comfort on a daily basis – will save concrete amount of money.

Energy price increases – pay less with heating automation

In the coming months and even years, the heating industry will not escape severe increases. Market analysts also warn of rising electricity prices. As we mentioned at the beginning, the cost of operating buildings will rise. We can’t escape this change. To feel them less „painful”, we need to save energy on our own. Temperature control is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

Less heating fuel is consumed by maintaining a constant temperature in the building. During the absence of household members, the building should have an economic (lower) temperature. The installation should not be turned off completely, as this will cause the interiors to cool down, which will have to be reheated. Meanwhile, the installation uses more energy to heat cold interiors than to maintain an economic temperature in them. That’s why it’s worth relying on heating automation.

SALUS Smart Home and energy saving

Reasonable consumption of heating fuel goes hand in hand with technological trends. Therefore, the modern smart home is no longer just a matter of convenience and comfort – although, no doubt, this is an advantage. SALUS Smart Home is more than convenience. It is an energy-saving potential that must be used.

The SALUS smart Home system consists the devices that allow you to save energy by controlling the operation of a boiler, central heating pump, DHW pump or other heating or cooling device. In addition to voltage- or battery-powered temperature thermostats, the series includes an Internet gateway, wiring centres for controlling surface heating, wireless thermostatic heads, control modules, smart plugs (controlling electrics up to 3600W), sensors: window/door opening, flooding, smoke, motion, and other accessories. The whole system complements a modern and energy-efficient interior.

SALUS Smart Home is operated through a free web application (mobile and desktop versions). The software allows you to control devices from anywhere in the world. You just need to register an account and have internet connectivity.

The balance of benefits in practice: how SALUS Smart Home will benefit energy efficiency?

Controlling home installations reduces energy losses during the operation of the building, which promotes environmental protection and translates into significantly lower fees. Saving heating energy is done in the spirit of modernity. Any landlord will appreciate such technological assistance.

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