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Intelligent electronic thermostatic radiator head – your way to efficient radiator heating


Traditional head vs intelligent head

Thermostatic heads (sometimes confusingly called thermostats) are used to control radiator heating. They allow individual control of temperature in interiors and help to maintain it at a level suitable for household members. Simply put, the job of the heads is to manage the flow; admitting and shutting off the heating element (hot water) for room heaters. They are mounted on a valve insert.

A traditional manual heating head – that is a head on which you manually set the heating levels, usually marked with numbers from 0 (⁕) to 5 – regulates the amount of heat supplied to the room (to the radiator in the room) in an approximate way. The scheme is usually as follows: when you leave the house and want to save on consumption, set the head to level 0. When you need to warm up a cooled room, for a short time set 5. During everyday use, we usually choose 3, on colder days, 4. When you want to quickly cool down a strongly heated room, turn the head e.g. to level 2.

This, of course, does not allow for precise control, nor does it ensure complete comfort or high savings. Overheating and overcooling are elements that need to be accepted. A much more precise and economical solution is a modern, INTELLIGENT ELECTRONIC THERMOSTATIC RADIATOR HEAD which regulates the amount of heat supplied so that the rooms are not overheated or cooled down. This allows you to avoid expensive heat losses and maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

The electronic radiator head owes its accuracy to the modulation method. This means that the valve can be gradually closed or opened, depending on the correlation between the current room temperature constantly measured by the thermostat and the temperature set by the household members.

Intelligent electronic thermostatic radiator heads by SALUS Controls

SALUS Controls company offers electronic radiator heads with two sizes of thread:

TRV28RFM (M28 x 1.5)

TRV10RFM (M30 x 1.5)

as well as the model:

TRV10RAM with allen key mounting (mounting on Danfoss RA valve)

The devices are compatible with the majority of thermostatic valves available on the market, however, before mounting, it is necessary to check whether the valve is suitable for use with the chosen TRV radiator head. When choosing a product for a radiator already equipped with a valve, always check the thread dimensions. If there are discrepancies in dimensions, please contact us or your installer to discuss the possibility of replacing the valve with one that works with the radiator head.

A great advantage of SALUS Controls intelligent radiator heads is pairing them with room thermostats. This allows you to set heating schedules that adjust the temperature to the time of day and the rhythm of life of residents. In addition, the operation of the device is much easier here – you do not have to manually set the operating modes on a small-sized radiator head.

Intelligent thermostatic radiator heads are therefore great replacements for manual devices – they automate the control of radiator heating and optimize the operation of the installation. However, it is important to note that in order to work properly, they must be correctly synchronized with the wireless temperature thermostat using the CO10RF coordinating unit or the UGE600 gateway (products sold separately).

TRV radiator head paired with SALUS Smart Home series temperature thermostats provides a sense of warmth throughout the room, not just by the radiator. What is important, one thermostat can be paired with as many as 6 heads in the same heating zone (i.e. in one room), which allows for ideal heating of a really large area (e.g. living room combined with kitchen).

In SALUS Smart Home system the TRV head can work in the following modes:

  • Online – connected to the Internet using the UGE600 Internet gateway
  • Offline – with the possibility of connecting to the Internet using the UGE600 Internet Gateway
  • Offline – without the possibility of Internet connection using the CO10RF coordinator

You only need to decide on one ZigBee network coordinator (either CO10RF or UGE600).

Additional features of the TRV

Anti-freeze protection

Anti-freeze mode is typically used during long absences from home (trips). The antifreeze protection temperature value is set directly on the thermostat. The function is activated when the room temperature drops below the value set on the thermostat. Recall: the device maintains the set temperature value provided that it communicates with the thermostat.

Open window function

The TRV checks the rate of temperature drop in the room in which it is installed. If the drop is fast, the device assumes that a window has been opened and closes, cutting off the heating medium supply, while a normal thermostatic head would open to make the radiator warmer. This function is active provided that the head communicates correctly with the thermostat, is in automatic mode, and the batteries are not discharged.

Limescale protection

Do not leave the valve idle for a long time as this can cause limescale build up on it. SALUS Controls TRV heads have a limescale protection function. They are activated automatically once every 14 days – if no valve movement is detected during that time. The protection works if the radiator head is in automatic or manual mode.

Your benefits from purchasing SALUS Controls thermostatic radiator heads

– saving money (e.g. by automatically lowering the temperature at certain times on selected radiators)

– ease of installation: the radiator head automatically adjusts to the valve insert

– safety of use: the product has a button lock

– convenience: no need to adjust the temperature manually

– thermal comfort at home

TIP: to have the best control over the interaction between the thermostat and the heating device in the system with TRV heads, we also recommend using the RX10RF control module, which forces the heat source

to start depending on the heat demand signal sent by the thermostat. We encourage you to watch videos on our YouTube channel instructing how to install a TRV radiator head.

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