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SALUS thermostat for underfloor heating


Underfloor heating is currently one of the most popular and frequently used solutions ensuring optimal thermal comfort in the building. The heating surface can be either the floor or the walls of the building. It ensures proper temperature distribution in the rooms. That is why surface heating is considered to be economical and comfortable. The most important feature of surface heating, including underfloor heating, is high thermal inertia. Houses in which this type of heating has been installed are characterized by a long time of warming up and cooling down. Therefore it is crucial to select an automatic control system for individual loops of underfloor heating, which will automate and optimize the operation of the whole system. An appropriate SALUS thermostat for underfloor heating ensures savings and well-being.

Advantages of underfloor heating

Underfloor heating provides the luxury of equally distributed heat in the house. At the same time, it eliminates areas of overheating and underheating, which occur in radiator heating. In floor heating, contrary to convection heating (radiators), heat is distributed by radiation.

The design of this system makes it invisible, as the structure is completely hidden on the floor. However, this is another reason why it is so important to control the underfloor with a room thermostat. These devices increase their energy efficiency and performance. A well-chosen thermostat for the underfloor heating system will regulate the temperature. It benefits translate to the environment, household budget, and health of the users.

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Choose the best SALUS thermostat for underfloor heating


This is a wide range of SALUS Controls products dedicated to floor heating. This series includes devices thanks to which underfloor heating will become efficient and well adjusted.

Basic advantages:

  • Creating heating zones: to achieve optimal thermal comfort – separate temperature control in each room.
  • Very simple installation and connection
  • Use of PWM and VP systems
  • Profitable purchase price in comparison with an innovative solutions
  • High quality of used materials
  • Full functionality and possibility of individual system selection based on many product versions
  • Optimization of energy consumption

PWM (control algorithm) in thermostat for underfloor heating

Each SALUS thermostat dedicated for underfloor heating has the PWM electronic pulse width modulation system. This system eliminates the high inertia of surface heating. Thanks to PWM actuators are closed or opened earlier so that rooms do not overheat or cool down unnecessarily.

VP (Valve Protection) – protection of the mechanism against stalling

This is a function that protects the actuators. Once a week, it opens and closes them. Even if the heating is not running at that time (e.g. during the off-season).

SALUS Smart Home series

SALUS Smart Home is a modern system of heating control. It contains underfloor heating, which can be installed in new buildings. It can be adapted to used buildings as well. The system includes devices that allow you to adjust the temperature also via the Internet. This is done through an Internet Gateway UGE600 and a free mobile application. SALUS products control the operation of a boiler, central heating pump, DHW, or other heating or cooling device. The modernity of the system and openness to other new technologies increase the functionality of houses. In the Smart Home series, you can also find a reliable thermostat for underfloor heating.

What do you gain by choosing SALUS thermostat for the underfloor heating?

Uniform temperature distribution in the interior and ease of device control.

Esthetic appearance – invisible installation.

The comfort of a warm floor

Quantum thermostat additionally includes the „Comfort Warm Floor” function regardless of the active working schedule.

Reduced cost of heating the house.

A reliable underfloor heating SALUS thermostat is the best investment

Underfloor heating has a lot to offer homeowners. It’s a whole new level of thermal comfort that needs to be taken care of. However, this modern type of heating cannot be left alone – it always requires the right thermostat. Finding the right thermostat for underfloor heating can be difficult, that is why it is worth relying on proven products, which have been appreciated by customers of the heating industry. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

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