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What power of a gas boiler for a house with an area of  100 sq. m?


Gas boilers are among the most popular heating appliances. They are easy to use and quite economical but at the same time efficient. Therefore, they are the most popular source of heating where you have access to a gas installation. The key to being satisfied with a gas boiler is to choose the right type and right power. Check what parameters are optimal on the example of a house with an area of 100 m2.

Which gas boiler to choose?

The power of the gas boiler is secondary case. First, select the type of device. Among other things, the heating efficiency depends on its construction. However, it must be remembered that every situation is different and therefore all solutions should be selected individually.

Traditional boiler or condensing boiler?

Currently, the most popular are condensing boilers. They use technology to increase their efficiency: they recover some of the heat from the exhaust gas generated during the supply of central heating and use it to prepare hot domestic water.

As a result, they minimize heat loss and allow you to get more heat energy with the same gas consumption. This means that you can choose a less powerful boiler for the same effect. It will work well with both underfloor heating and traditional radiators. However, a condensing gas boiler is more expensive to install.

Which to choose? It is up to the investor to decide whether to go for immediate or long-term savings. However, experts in most cases recommend investing in a condensing model.

Open or closed combustion chamber?

Gas boilers can also be divided by the design of the combustion chamber. Open-chamber boilers used to be quite popular, but nowadays this solution is being abandoned. With a closed chamber, the air needed for combustion is drawn not from the room where the boiler is installed, but from outside. There is also no risk of harmful fumes entering the interior. This simply makes a boiler with a closed combustion chamber safer to use.

Installation method and form of the boiler

Boilers vary in form. Some of them are designed for wall-mounting, while others stand no floor. Nowadays, wall-mounted models are chosen more often as they take up less space, but it all depends on the preferences of the buyer and the space where boiler will be installed.

Single or dual-purpose boiler?

Very important for the correct selection of boiler power is what it will be used for. There are single-function units on the market designed to provide heat as part of the central heating system, and dual-function units, which are also responsible for preparing hot water. A dual-function furnace will, of course, require more power for the same area of the house.

How to choose the power of a gas boiler?

The power of the gas boiler should be matched to the heat demand of the building. Thus, it depends on many factors, among which the most important are:

– the area of the house or apartment,

– location (climatic zone),

– the type and standard of insolation and ventilation used,

– the way the building is used,

– indicators of seasonal and peak heat demand,

– hot water consumption (calculated most often on the basis of the number of household members).

The heating needs of an existing building can be defined on the basis of previous energy use. In a new house, their estimation requires the support of a professional.

Optimum gas boiler power – a house with an area of 100 m2

There are different methods for calculating the optimal power of a gas boiler. It is usually assumed that for every 10 m2 of floor space there should be about 0.6 kW of power. Therefore, a house of 100 m2 needs a 6 kW boiler. However, this is only a simplification. For an energy-efficient house, this value can be lower. On the other hand, if the boiler is also used to heat domestic water, the power should be doubled. The higher the boiler power, the faster the water heats up, which increases the comfort of using domestic hot water and reduces waste.  That’s why double-function boilers rarely have a power of less than a dozen kW, even in small houses.

To choose the power of a gas boiler well, it is always worthwhile to consult a professional. A specialist will help match the device to the demand and ensure both comfort of use and economical operation.

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