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Can underfloor and radiator heating cooperate with each other?


At the stage of building a house, many people have dilemmas related to the choice of heating method. However, it turns out that it is not always necessary to decide on only one. Combination of floor and radiator heating is possible and in some cases even advisable. Learn more about the cooperation of these two systems.

Underfloor and radiator heating – the differences

The differences between traditional radiators and underfloor heating are not only aesthetics and space usage. Method of heating the house also influences thermal comfort of inhabitants and amount of bills. Floor heating is classified as a low-temperature solution. It transfers heat by radiation, so it is effective and does not cause dust to rise. It ensures optimal temperature distribution, heating from the bottom. It is also about 30% more economical than radiator heating because it is characterized by higher heating efficiency.

Radiators, on the other hand, are simpler to install. Also, in case of failure, it is much easier to verify their operation and make repairs. They are classified as high-temperature solutions. They heat up quickly and cool down quickly, they allow you to control the temperature more dynamically due to the possibility of faster cooling or heating of rooms to the desired temperature.

Where will underfloor heating work and where will radiators?

If you want to reduce heating costs and at the same time increase comfort, underfloor heating is usually a better choice. Moreover, it provides more freedom in interior design. However, this does not mean that it will work in every room and in all circumstances. Where a large part of the room is occupied by furniture or there is a risk of large heat losses (for example through large windows), underfloor heating may not necessarily work. Sometimes you just want an easy, inexpensive installation.

Radiators are perfect for all places where the temperature needs to be quickly adapted to the current needs. They can be combined with a smart thermostat and programmed to have individual cycles based on the day of the week or time. Radiators also work better with insulating floor finishes – like wooden parquet floors or warm, fluffy carpets. Sometimes it’s also not possible to install underfloor heating because of excessive load on the attic ceiling.

That is why underfloor heating and radiator heating are quite often combined nowadays. Sometimes underfloor heating is installed on the ground floor and radiators on the first floor. It is also possible to combine two forms of heating in one room. It is quite popular, especially in bathrooms. Then underfloor heating provides everyday comfort, and a radiator ladder helps in drying towels and eliminating the problem of excessive moisture in the room.

Underfloor heating and radiator heating – different ways to combine

Combining underfloor heating with radiators requires the use of a temperature regulation and control system. It must be remembered that these solutions require water to be supplied at different temperatures. It is necessary to heat water to the temperature required by the radiators and then to cool it to the temperature suitable for underfloor heating.

If underfloor heating is only installed in a few rooms, an RTL return temperature limiter should be installed. If the two systems are used equally, it may be more beneficial to use two separate circuits (high and low temperature). On the other hand, if the radiators are only a supplement to the underfloor heating, the whole heating system can be operated in low-temperature mode.

Obtaining maximum efficiency of heating, regardless of the type, will help advanced controllers and thermostats, which you will find in SALUS Controls offer. They will also provide maximum comfort to users, allowing precise, automatic temperature control in each room.

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