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Modern methods of home heating


The cost of heating your home often represents the larger part of your home maintenance bills. That’s why choosing a method of heat generation is so important. The modern heating devices available today are very efficient and environmentally friendly at the same time. Thanks to this you can lower your bills and take care of the environment. Check which modern methods of heating are worth an attention.

Heat pumps – the most modern heating devices

It is impossible to talk about modern heating methods without mentioning heat pumps. These are devices which use renewable and natural energy – accumulated in the natural environment, i.e. air, water or ground.

A heat pump is constructed similarly to a refrigerator, which „extracts” heat from its interior through heat exchangers and transfers it outside. Similarly, a heat pump „extracts” heat from its surroundings and transfers it to the heating system. It consumes electricity during operation, but it is much more efficient than any electric furnace. By consuming 1 kWh of electricity, it produces (depending on the type and model) from 3.5 to even 5.5 kWh of heat energy. Furthermore, it is possible that heat pumps will become even more efficient in the future!

A heat pump is a way of heating that is very efficient and at the same time ecological. These devices do not generate any fumes or pollutants, their operation is quiet and safe. They are maintenance-free and practically failure-free. If properly selected, they can serve as the only source of heat at home, eliminating the need to build a boiler room or a chimney to remove exhaust fumes from the boiler. The only minus of this solution is still quite high price. However, you have to remember that heat pumps provide very large savings on heating costs every year. By combining them with a photovoltaic installation, you can get basically free heat for your home!

Solar collectors – ecological production of domestic hot water

There are also modern, ecological systems that allow you to forget about the high costs of preparing domestic hot water. These are mainly solar collectors that use the heat from the sun. Their modern construction allows to maximize heat generation even in winter, at low temperatures and low intensity of radiation. This makes them an efficient and environmentally friendly method of heating water all year round. They are completely maintenance-free and use only solar energy, so they generate practically no operating costs (apart from periodic servicing). They can also be used as a support for the central heating system. Sometimes the energy obtained from the collectors is also used to heat water in swimming pools.

Methods of home heating – radiators, underfloor heating, or maybe something else?

It is worth considering well the method of providing heat to your home. Radiators are a standard solution, but are they the best? Not necessarily. They are the cheapest to install and the simplest to build. In case of failure there is no difficulty in accessing the installation elements, which can be a big advantage. However, in most situations they are not the most effective way of heating. They work in spots, which makes the heat distribution uneven. In addition, they create warm air movement through convection, which causes dust to rise. They can also clutter carefully designed rooms and make their arrangement difficult.

Underfloor heating provides a much more beneficial and comfortable distribution of heat (warmer at your feet, cooler at your head). Thanks to that, you can lower the temperature on the thermostat by 1-2 degrees without compromising on thermal comfort. This in turn enables savings up to a dozen or so percent a year. Moreover, underfloor heating does not interfere with room arrangement (you only have to pay attention to the type of floor and furniture placement). It perfectly cooperates with low-temperature solutions, such as heat pumps and collectors.

Among other modern heating methods, it is worth mentioning infrared radiators, mounted, for example, in the walls and trench heating, which is distinguished by high aesthetics and functionality. What to choose? It depends on individual conditions and preferences. Certainly it is not worth making a decision in a rush – after all, it will have a significant impact on building maintenance costs and the comfort of its residents.

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