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How to configure the temperature thermostat, so it’s not too hot or too cold?


Being able to precisely control your indoor temperature is a real everyday luxury. However, you need to know how to use the thermostats, to make them work to suit you. Modern devices that are part of Smart Home installations give you many possibilities. They allow you to plan the automatic operation of heating or air conditioning, so that the temperature inside is always perfect. Check how to use them wisely!

How to configure a temperature thermostat?

Modern temperature thermostats offer many more possibilities than ordinary (manual) thermostats. They can be freely programmed with different modes.

How can I regulate the temperature indoors using thermostats?

  • Manual control is most similar to a traditional thermostat at the radiator. It allows you to set any temperature, which will remain constant until you change it. In the case of a modern thermostat with an Internet module, the settings can be changed remotely using a mobile application, but in this type of devices, this method is used only occasionally.
  • Day/night mode is also an easy way to achieve an optimal indoor temperature. Here, control takes place automatically. The user has to specify two temperature values for two ranges of heating hours. The hours at which night mode and day mode start are usually selectable. In this way, the indoor temperature is different when the householder is sleeping than when they are working.
  • The weekly mode is definitely more complex. This is the type of setting for those who function a little differently each day. For example, you can set a lower temperature during working hours from Monday to Friday to save on energy consumption, and to ensure that when you return home you will find the interior cosy, heated in winter or cooled in summer. You can use separate settings for specific days and periods. In this way, your home will always be pleasant.

Modern temperature thermostats available in SALUS Controls’ offer usually have additional functions, for example a party mode, maintaining up to 9 hours of temperature different from the set schedule. Vacation mode can also be very useful, lowering the temperature indoors for a longer absence of household members. Outside the heating season, the installation is also protected by the anti-freeze mode, which ensures that the heating mechanisms do not freeze.

Thermostat configuration – what temperature is optimal?

Everyone has a slightly different perception of temperature. Where some people are cold, others overheat. However, it is worth knowing the general rules for selecting the optimal temperature for the interior and applying them when programming the thermostat at home.

The so-called room temperature is roughly 19-23°C. Once you discover the value that suits you best, this can be used as a starting point for selecting settings for different rooms and time periods.

A warm and cozy bedroom is very pleasant, but for optimal sleep quality a temperature between 16-18°C is most beneficial. So it’s a good idea to set your thermostat to lower the temperature while you sleep. It should rise just before your alarm clock sounds to make getting up in the winter much more pleasant.

The bathroom is usually set to the highest temperature in the entire house. This provides comfort and avoids excessive humidity accumulation. It can even reach 24-25°C.

In rooms such as the hallway, the temperature can be 1-2 degrees lower than the living room. This will save energy.

It is a good idea to lower all temperatures at least 1-2 degrees when you leave for work or are away from home for many hours. Thanks to the thermostat settings, optimal temperatures can be restored just before you return home. At the same time, you will save money during your absence. This thermostat setting will provide up to 20% savings on heating costs.

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