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Intelligent heating and air conditioning control at home


More and more attention is given to thermal comfort. Therefore, air conditioners for houses and apartments and modern heating systems are gaining popularity. Intelligent systems that help to achieve the desired temperature at a given moment and save energy are also very popular.

Smart Home – intelligent temperature control

Sensing the temperature is a very individual thing. Therefore, one person can be too cold, and another too warm, even if they are in exactly the same conditions. The optimum temperature for us at any given time also depends on the activities performed. At home, we usually regulate it depending on the room and time of day. Of course, the settings of heating devices or air conditioning can be controlled manually, but definitely, a more effective solution is intelligent home automation.

What are intelligent control of heating and air conditioning?

It’s about the automatic adjustment of conditions to specific user requirements. Would you like that in the morning, when you get ready for work, the bathroom was pleasantly warm?

Or maybe you want to save energy when you are not at home? All of this is possible thanks to intelligent control systems. Just choose the right settings, and Smart Home will take care of it all, so that the temperature in the interiors is always perfect. By investing in advanced automation of this type, you can separately control each room, while using a timer.

What does smart automation for heating and air conditioning control consist of?

Smart Home systems for heating and air conditioning control offer incredible functionality, yet are not complicated at all. From the user’s point of view, the most important element of such an installation is the temperature thermostat. In SALUS Smart Home series you will find, above all, devices that enable remote control – via mobile application. In addition, intelligent programmers allow you to create your own temperature control schedules for selected rooms.

Very important in such a system are also temperature sensors that read data from the environment, sending a signal to the control panel on the need to cool or heat the air in the room according to user settings. These sensors usually monitor temperature, and sometimes humidity. What’s more, the system can be combined with occupancy sensors, for example – so that the temperature will automatically drop when no one is home/hotel room, helping to reduce bills.

All these elements are integrated in intelligent automation with appropriate installations and devices (heating, air conditioning). Advanced IT systems are responsible for the control.

Intelligent systems for heating and air conditioning – the main advantage

Intelligent heating and air conditioning is, above all, comfort. Thanks to such a system you will forget about problems with too high or too low temperature inside. But it is also:

  • better control – by automating your thermostats, you don’t have to worry about their operation;
  • real savings – automation reduces energy consumption whenever possible, giving you big savings;
  • remote access – you gain the ability to control room conditions remotely via a mobile application;
  • care about health – the system provides an ideal microclimate in the interiors and the possibility of air cleaning.

With Smart Home systems, your home can always welcome you with the perfect temperature – regardless of the conditions outside. It’s a great way to be comfortable while also helping to lower your heating and air conditioning expenses.

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