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NEW! CB500 and CB500X – new wiring centres for underfloor heating control


There is no need to praise underfloor heating. Its advantages are well known: uniform temperature distribution, long heat transfer, aesthetic appearance, cleaner and healthier indoor air. A properly controlled underfloor heating is a way to maintain thermal comfort in a building. However, to properly adjust this type of heating, you need to invest in solid floor heating controllers. The right wiring centre is the key to efficient work of the heating system. It is important that the system is reliable and available at a good price. Devices that meet these criteria are SALUS Controls novelties – CB500 and CB500X new wiring centres. We also have other wiring centres in our offer. For example – in a wireless variant, which precisely regulate the work of surface heating. However, CB500 and CB500X have been designed in order to maximally facilitate installers’ work during assembly.

CB500 and CB500X – installation improvements

CB500 – wired control box (5 zones) 230 V with a built-in control module
CB500X – wired 230V control box without a control module (optional expansion CB500)

Our new wiring centres are very affordable while solving many installation problems. Most importantly, they are compact and slim, so they can be installed in virtually any manifold unit. With new device the problem of misalignment of additional modules disappears. The connection of wiring centres can be done with its own cable. It allows any arrangement. Removing and attaching the cover is trouble-free, thanks to convenient hooks. There is no way that small screws will fall out and get lost during this operation. Installation of wires is easy. They do not require prior preparation (e.g. tinning), and their arrangement in the wiring centre is adapted to the thickness.


…the thinner actuator wires are placed on top and the thicker thermostat wires are placed on the bottom. This arrangement creates order and eliminates tangling. You don’t have to remove any part of the wiring centre to put cables in order. With the cover removed, everything is visible, every component is accessible. Thanks to the handy connection clamps, wiring installation does not require a special screwdriver. The new type of clamps makes it possible to do this with any tool. Thermostat wires, no matter how thick they are, can be immediately protected against pulling out. It is possible because of placing them in a fastening strap. Even plugging in is practical. The installer can put the wiring centre on a table or floor. Also, he can arrange the wires and mount the unit in the cabinet (good access to the mounting holes).

Top of the top! Main features of new wiring centres CB500 and CB500X

What else you need to know about the latest wiring centres by SALUS Controls:

  1. They control 5 independent heating zones (5 thermostats can be connected to one wiring centre). It is a standard number for one manifold. The wiring centre may be combined up to 15 zones. cooperation CB500 with CB500X in a combination: 1 x CB500 + 2 x CB500X). The colorful print makes it easy to connect the cables.
  2. They have 20 outputs to connect actuators. What is important, a different division of actuator control was applied than in the previous models. In previous models one thermostat controlled 4 actuators. In CB500 and CB500X the division is more adapted to the needs of a building. For example – one thermostat can control 6 actuators (larger room). Another one – 2 actuators (smaller room), and the remaining thermostats – 4 actuators.
  3. The devices have built-in fuse. So the CB500X (wiring centre without module) is also a standalone device. It is not just an extension of the main wiring centre. Working as an extension, the CB500X does not need an additional power supply. It connects it directly to the CB500.
  4. The wiring centres can be mounted on a DIN rail.
new wiring centres CB500 CB500X

CB500 – what do you need to know about the built-in control module?

  1. The boiler input allows you to turn on the heating unit when any thermostat sends a heat demand signal, or to turn off the boiler when all thermostats stop reporting such a demand. It has a three-minute boiler start-up delay feature that gives the system time to prepare for operation (e.g., the actuators have time to open). You can also select the boiler shutdown delay time (from 0 to 15 minutes). This is useful when thermostats do not finish heating at the same time. An additional output for the heating or cooling source has similar functions.
  2. The boiler relay has voltage-free contacts. Additional control of the heat pump or cooling unit is also performed by a voltage-free relay.
  3. Switching the heating/cooling mode is done from the wiring centre level and on every thermostat. The wiring centre has an input for connecting a dew point sensor.
  4. Pump control output is voltage (230V), which facilitates installation. The pump can be connected directly to the wiring centre, without any additional bridges.
  5. The pump turns on and off with a three-minute delay to give the system time to prepare for operation.

CB500 (new wiring centre with module) and CB500X (new wiring centre without module) – which one to choose?

Simply put: the wiring centres are selected by the user who wants to have a zone control in his home. For example – maintain the temperature in each room according to its function or time of day. If there is no need to control the heat pump or the boiler, but only the actuators of your own heating circuit. Then the CB500X will be sufficient. However, if there is a need to control an additional heat source in the building, then the CB500 control box should be selected.

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