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Advantages of underfloor heating


Radiators at home are a standard and obvious solution, but is it the best? It turns out that more and more people resign from this form of room heating. Instead, floor heating is gaining popularity – invisible, comfortable and economical. Is it really worth to invest in it? Check what advantages has such underfloor heating system.

Underfloor heating provides better temperature distribution

One of the main reasons why it makes sense to install underfloor heating is the optimal temperature distribution it creates. It is much more beneficial and comfortable for people to have higher temperature at their feet and lower at their head. This is the effect achieved by increasingly popular floor heating. It helps to ensure well-being and better use of heat, which, as we know, rises to the ceiling.

But that is not all! Underfloor heating also ensures even temperature distribution in the whole interior. Radiators heat only locally and the heat emitted by them spreads in the room with not very good efficiency. As a result, it may be much warmer near a radiator than at the other end of the room. With heated floor, this problem ceases to exist, because it is installed over the entire surface of the room and gives off heat evenly.

Underfloor heating is economical

Favourable temperature distribution influences also much more effective use of energy. As a result, underfloor heating is cheaper to use than traditional radiator heating. At the same temperature, the feeling of warmth is stronger if you use a floor heating. Therefore, to ensure the same thermal comfort, you can lower the temperature by 1-2 degrees. On a yearly basis, this can help to significantly reduce the cost of heating. Savings can reach even a dozen or so percent!

More air humidity, less dust

The specificity of underfloor heating makes it possible to reduce the amount of dust swirling in the air and to maintain optimal humidity. Firstly, it eliminates the need for radiators that collect dust.

Secondly, it releases heat through radiation, so it does not cause air movement the way radiator heating does. Radiators give off heat by radiation and convection, which causes air to move up. In addition, at temperatures above 55°C, dust bakes on radiators. A floor heating reduces air movement and therefore prevents much of the dust from rising and helps to maintain optimum humidity, thus reducing the growth of dust mites. This makes it more beneficial for allergy sufferers and makes it easier to keep clean.

Heated floor means greater design possibilities

Radiators often limit possibilities of arranging a given room. They take up valuable space and are sometimes placed in an unfortunate way. When you choose underfloor heating, you do not have to worry about the location of radiators and their influence on the design of a given interior. Many people also claim that radiators unnecessarily clutter and disfigure the space. The solution is underfloor heating, which is completely invisible.

You just need to keep in mind that its use creates a different kind of limitations for the decor. When using underfloor heating, you need to carefully choose the finishing materials for the floors. Use materials that conduct heat well. Stone, ceramic and terracotta work best, although floor panels or parquet can be used. In most cases, however, carpets should be avoided.

Underfloor heating works great with modern systems

Underfloor heating is simply more modern than radiators. It combines energy saving and comfort. It works well with advanced systems that use renewable energy sources – heat pumps or photovoltaics. It’s also perfect for use with home automation and smart home systems, because it allows precise temperature control. In SALUS Controls offer you will find a wide range of products designed to work with the underfloor heating system.





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