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Advantages of solar collectors


Currently, photovoltaics is the leader among solar energy installations. It allows to convert solar energy into electricity. However, solar collectors can also be a great choice for your home or business. They absorb heat energy from the sun, which can then be used in a variety of ways. Check out the benefits of solar panels and whether they are worth investing in.

Solar collectors – free thermal energy

The sun brings many benefits to humans and other organisms living on Earth. Modern technologies allow us to use them to even more. One of such technologies are solar collectors, which allow to obtain thermal energy from solar radiation. It can be used, for example, for:

  • domestic hot water heating,
  • swimming pool heating,
  • support of the central heating system.

This is completely free heat, which in addition is obtained from a renewable source. Solar collectors can be a great addition to other modern energy and heating systems, such as photovoltaic panels or heat pumps. They are especially useful where there is a high demand for thermal energy, but benefits can be found anywhere. They’re less versatile than photovoltaic panels, extracting electricity from the sun, but they can also provide big savings. They depend primarily on the size of the installation and the efficiency of the chosen equipment.

Solar collectors with many applications

With solar collectors you can get „only” thermal energy, but it can be used in many ways. The most popular application is the heating of domestic hot water. With a well-chosen installation, there is no major problem with providing sufficient hot water – even in winter, when the sun shines only for a few hours a day. As a result, the collectors help to reduce energy consumption for water heating by up to 70%, providing very significant savings.

In addition, the heat from the collectors can be used to heat the backyard swimming pool. Thanks to this, the season can be extended a bit and swimming is always pleasant.

Another way to use the heat from collectors is to support your central heating system. Collectors are not suitable for use as a single heating device, but they can help reduce the bills for using an electric furnace or solid fuel boiler. They can be especially useful during cooler spring or summer days – heat from the sun can warm up rooms without the need to fire up the furnace.

Year-round solar collectors

The big advantage of solar collectors is efficiency. They can operate all year round. Of course, due to the intensity of sunlight, high temperatures and long days, heat production is most efficient in summer, but during sunny winters you can also count on quite a large amount of energy generated from the collectors. A properly sized solar system will serve you regardless of the season, providing savings to your household or business budget.

Solar collectors – environmentally friendly and energy efficient

Solar collectors are completely eco-friendly as they use only renewable energy. They do not emit CO2 or pollute the environment in any other way, unlike most heat sources. In the summer, they can even cover all the energy needed to heat hot water, so they help save energy. So it’s a system that will help you live more eco-friendly while lowering your bills.

Solar collectors – convenience of use

Another very important advantage of the collectors is the convenience of use. Their work does not need to be supervised in any way – they produce heat from solar radiation. Thanks to SALUS Controls (PCSOL201) you can control their status and heat distribution. Mounted on the roof, they are almost invisible and do not affect the comfort of living or the appearance of the building. They are also very solid and practically failure-free – if well-chosen, they will serve you for a long time.

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