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SALUS Controls and Google Home – use your voice to control your home


Google Home application

Intelligent houses – those of today and certainly those of the future – will be more and more frequently equipped with elements of the so-called artificial intelligence. And it’s not just sci-fi robots or holograms moving through the air – it’s a personalised network of home devices tailored to your lifestyle.

The assumption is that thanks to artificial intelligence your everyday life will be more comfortable, economical and safe. A key part of this technological revolution for some time now has been the world-famous Google Assistant and the Google Home application, by the help of which, using only your voice, you can control e.g. lighting, temperature thermostats, smart plugs, cameras at home or garden monitoring. Through the application you can manage devices compatible with Google Home.

NOTE: Google Home Voice Service is available on millions of devices from Google and other Android manufacturers.

SALUS Controls devices work with Google Home

Our selected products work very well with the home assistant. This means that the Google interface “gets along” with them and operates them correctly. At the moment you can freely control the following devices via Google Home:

Thermostats: SQ610, SQ610RF, VS10WRF, VS10BRF, VS20WRF, VS20BRF, HTRP-RF(50), HTRS-RF(30)

Temperature sensor and also the simplest version of TS600 controller

FC600 fan coil controller

Smart Plug SPE600

Smart Relay SR600

Light and temperature with voice commands

Controlling light with voice commands has a number of advantages. In case of SALUS Smart Home system connected to Google Home you have this possibility thanks to smart plugs and relays. It is worth taking a moment to configure this software, because you have a lot of conveniences to gain. For example, when you lie in bed at night, without getting up you can turn off the lights in the whole building or turn off/on only individual lamps. Coming home late at night, you can illuminate selected rooms in a second. And if your hands are busy or dirty, you can say a word in the kitchen and the devices will comply with the command – lighting will keep up with you. Such a “small detail” noticeably increases the comfort of life.

Voice control of heating is also a great convenience. Of course, the heating system works most efficiently and economically using schedules adapted to your rhythm of life, but there are situations in which the permanent settings should be overwritten on an ad hoc basis. The use of voice commands for this purpose allows you to respond quickly without being distracted from your activities. The voice assistant will also inform you about the current temperature in a given zone and allow you to voice manage the heat in rooms you are not currently in. Importantly, the conversation simulation is intuitive and household friendly. It just happens naturally, “by the way” life is going on.

How to control SALUS Controls products via Google Home?

First, you need to download Google Home (the application is available for free in Google Play and App Store).

Next, launch the Salus Smarthome EU service.

Set up your smart home with our system by following the instructions below:

Step 2: Configure your smart home with Salus

Log in:

Add devices that you will control:

NOTE: The UGE600 Internet Gateway (the “heart” of the SALUS Smart Home system) and the Google Home voice assistant do not need to be in the same Wi-Fi network. They must be connected to the Internet, but can operate on separate networks (e.g. Wi-Fi).

So basically, voice control of selected SALUS Controls products only requires you to: download the Google Home app, launch the Salus SmartHome EU service, and sign into your Google Home account to connect your devices.



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