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SALUS Smart Home system elements – NEW IN THE OFFER


In recent weeks SALUS Smart Home series has been enriched with another interesting products. We are talking about long-awaited by installers and users motion sensor (MS600) and elegant charging station for SQ610RF thermostat (the device also supports WQ610RF – a model with OpenTherm protocol, outside the Smart Home series).

Why the motion sensor complements the SALUS OneTouch rules, and thus increases the usability of the entire SALUS Smart Home system? How will the charging dock facilitate your daily use of selected controller models? Answers to these questions can be found below.

Motion sensor – the little thing that keeps up with you

In combination with OneTouch rules MS600 can work with other SALUS Smart Home devices such as: SR600, SPE600, RS600. In combination with our smart plug (SPE600) or relay (SR600) this detector allows you to turn the lights on or off following motion detection. On the surface, this is an obvious function of this type of device, however, when creating scenarios for home appliances, it allows for much better personalization of your building automation. And all because motion is a factor that can trigger many actions in a smart home. Even the simplest dependencies greatly increase the comfort of residents, for example, when you leave the kitchen with your hands full of snacks or dishes, you don’t have to worry about turning off the lights. When the sensor does not detect movement – will turn off the light for you.

You’re only limited by your ingenuity and imagination when it comes to creating OneTouch rules that fit your lifestyle, and by using our motion sensor in addition, you’ll increase your comfort as well as your safety and control of your home.

What are some examples of relationships (OneTouch rules) you can build?

1) The moment the household member enters a room (e.g. kitchen, corridor) the lights switch on, and when he/she leaves the room – the lights switch off.

2) When motion/intruder is detected (e.g. in the garage) – the lights are switched on and you receive an SMS notification of the event.

3) When motion is detected, the sensor working in the system can trigger the DHW circulation pump – allowing you to use hot water.

4) Just by entering the apartment you can cause the lights to turn on, the blinds to open/close and the temperature to rise.

Charging station – convenience, design, elegance

With the CDEU you can conveniently charge the batteries of two models of our wireless temperature thermostats SQ610RF (Smart Home series) and WQ610RF (series designed for boiler control). You can do this by using the USB port.

The device is distinguished by its handy operation and designer, minimalist appearance that will easily fit into any interior. What is also useful, charging dock on a daily basis will successfully serve as a stand for your wireless temperature thermostat. So, on the one hand, it is characterized by usability, on the other hand, convenience and interesting, modern aesthetics.

Elements of SALUS Smart Home system

As a reminder, let’s mention other elements of SALUS Smart Home system.

The system includes devices that enable temperature control individually in each room (zone control). This reduces overdriving and costly energy losses. These devices also allow you to control the operation of a boiler, central heating pump and DHW.

In addition to temperature regulators SALUS Smart Home system includes:

– Internet gateway UGE600

KL08RF wiring centre to control a surface system (eg floor) + KL04RF (expansion module)

TRV wireless thermostatic heads

control modules

Smart plugs (intelligent “on/off” plugs)

– sensors: open windows / doors, flooding, smoke, and now also a motion sensor

A key element of SALUS Smart Home system is Internet gateway UGE600, which provides communication between devices in ZigBee network. With one such gateway can be paired up to 100 products, such as thermostats, smart plugs, relays, sensors. A free web application (Google Play or App Store) allows you to control your system from anywhere. By creating OneTouch rules and relationships between devices you can build your own smart home base.



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