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Discover the benefits of Smart Home in your home


SALUS Smart Home is a solution that helps not only to live comfortably, but also to save money. One Touch rules can adjust the work of household devices. Check the benefits of smart home.

Automatic home control is convenient and functional

SALUS Smart Home system is based on ZigBee network. It is characterized by low power consumption, reliable data transfer and a high level of transmission security. With its help you can control:

  • heating (radiator, underfloor, electric, blowing fan)
  • lighting
  • electrical devices of ON/OFF type

SALUS Smart Home system is operated using a free app (mobile and desktop version). The app will allow you to control home or office devices from anywhere in the world. You only need to register an account and have internet connectivity.

How can this work? For example, at a predetermined time, the temperature in the rooms will drop to the indicated values. Then the power will be cut off from selected devices, which will automatically reduce energy consumption. Just create a rule to turn everything off at midnight.

Control your heating and save money – benefits of smart home

The largest part of the energy consumed when operating a home is heating.

This is why individual room heat management is important. What does that mean? It is good to keep the bedroom cooler than the living room. The same with bathroom during an evening bath. While in the living room it is good to maintain economic temperature during a longer absence of household members. All this can be easily programmed in the SALUS Smart Home app at your own choice.

Controlling heating allows to maintain a separate temperature, appropriate for the household members. It increases the comfort of living… and lowers the bills. Why?

Because this avoids overheating less frequented rooms and unnecessary charges for heat that no one needs. As a result, overheating – uncomfortable for people and harmful for the environment – is avoided.

Monitor your daily energy consumption

SALUS Smart Home app registers energy consumption by devices controlled by smart plugs (Smart Plug SPE600). It poitns out the largest sources of its consumption. Consumption history (given in diagrams) allows you to make a calculation. It is by showing which devices are not working efficiently and require a change of operating mode.

Live comfortably and safely – benefits of smart home

Controlling your home with an app allows you to regulate the parameters of home heating from anywhere. Whether from your own living room or from the far end of the world. But that’s not all about benefits of smart home. An important function of SALUS Smart Home application is sending SMS or e-mail notifications about detected failures. It can be fire in the boiler room (smoke detector), flooding of the kitchen (flood detector). Also, the entry of an intruder into the house (opening detector). Such a warning allows you to react in time and minimize the potential damage. By choosing online control of the heating system, you can gain additional security for your home.

SALUS Smart Home app also has a scanning function, which provides a quick control of the building and devices located in it. This is perfect solution when you want to be sure that everything is safe after leaving the house.

Selected SALUS Smart Home series products

Quantum SQ610/SQ610RF: room temperature thermostat with built-in humidity sensor. It is used to control devices from SALUS Smart Home series. It is available in two variants, wired and wireless. A unique feature of the wired version is the possibility to control devices both wired (devices connected to the thermostat; wiring centre for underfloor heating, boiler) and wireless. Quantum gives you a choice of control algorithm: ITLC/histeresis/algorithm for the THB self-regulating actuator. It is equipped with WARM FLOOR function, ensuring warm floor regardless of heating schedule. It has a PIN lock and set temperature limits.

Smart Plug SPE600: equipped with load protection intelligent plug (extension of electrical socket) to control the devices connected to it. It is an element of SALUS Smart Home system (schedule programming in mobile application). Also, it measures the power of the connected devices and history of energy consumption, increases the range of ZigBee network.

SW600 opening sensor: wireless opening sensor in slim version working in cooperation with UGE600 internet gateway, mobile app and Smart Home series thermostats. It allows to automatically switch off the heating for the time of ventilating/opening the window or door.

Why is it worth controlling your heating with the SALUS Controls brand?

First of all: by adjusting the room temperature to the current needs (e.g. 23 degrees in the bathroom, 21 degrees in the living room, 19 degrees in the bedroom), you avoid overheating less attended rooms. By setting an economic temperature for when you are away (e.g. 17 degrees), you avoid the interior cooling down.

Secondly: SALUS Controls thermostats operate flexibly. They keep the temperature set in the rooms. However, this does not mean that when you are away from home, you have no influence on their work. Thanks to the SALUS Smart Home series you can react in real time. The thermostats work according to schedules, but they also take into account your ad hoc manual decisions.

Thirdly: the heating control reduces overdrive states and energy losses during the operation of the building, which contributes to the protection of the environment and reduces household charges.

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