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Smart home – what can you gain thanks intelligent home control?


Intelligent home control is gaining more and more followers.

Let’s explain what SALUS Smart Home is and how it works.

It is a modern system of controlling an intelligent house – including smart home products but mostly heating system. SALUS Smart Home allows you to build links between the work of home equipment (OneTouch rules). Also it allows to operate devices, also via the Internet.

SALUS Smart Home system includes products that provide individual temperature control for each room. They also allow you to control the work of a boiler and central heating pump. Also – work of DHW or other heating or cooling device.

In SALUS Controls offer there are also Smart Home accessories, taking the operation of home automation to a higher level.

In addition to voltage or battery powered thermostats, the intelligent home control includes:

  • Smart plugs (intelligent „on/off” plugs that allow you to control electrical devices up to 3600W)
  • push buttons (SB600, CSB600) – OneTouch rule activators
  • sensors: open windows / doors, flooding, smoke
smartphone with SALUs Smart Home app, SALUs wiring centre, UG600 Internet Gateway, Quantum thermostat, TRV, One Touch button, window opening sensor, intelligent home control

In SALUS Smart Home intelligent home control you can manage elements visible in the app. For example – temperature thermostats, smart plugs, relays, rule activators.

Specifically what?


Basically, you have three options here. You can set the temperature corresponding to the functions of individual rooms. For example – set different parameters for the bathroom, bedroom, living room, hallway. You can create a fixed, automatic heating schedule for each day of the week. Depending on the circumstances, but no matter where you are – remotely adjust the heating parameters of your home. Overwriting the temperature for the next schedule change or modifying the entire schedule.


Programming OneTouch rules using lighting is not only spectacular but practical and convenient. Again, you have three options. You can turn lights on and off at designated times or according to sunrise/sunset. You can also in one move turn on / off all the lights. Then activate a previously saved rule of light simulation of the presence of family members. Finally, you can combine the work of selected lighting elements with other SALUS Smart Home devices. By that, performing one action (eg closing blinds) you call the associated, another action (eg light).

Roller shutters and gates

The OneTouch scenario of closing and opening roller blinds allows you not to concentrate on this activity. In the case of hot summer days, it gives you the opportunity to protect the interior from heating. What’s more, when you are at work you can close the roller blinds in your living room. Another advantage of controlling the roller blinds is planning the time of their closing and opening. In the morning, the roller blinds can open first at, say, 50% and only after a few minutes at 100%. In the evening, they can close at sunset or at any other time. The advantages of remote control of a gate or garage door hardly need to be explained. However – and this is worth mentioning – a properly recorded scenario can combine its opening with switching on facade lighting.

Remember that SALUS Smart Home system is also a necessary security accessories in every home. Although you cannot change their settings, you can see in the app whether they work properly and whether they fulfill their function. And in case of danger, they will send you a message with a previously prepared alarm content. What is it about?

About the detectors:

•             Smoke detector (SD600) – detects smoke in real time. NOTE: it can be used as a standalone device, without the „heart” of the system (UGE600 gateway). In this case only the siren function is active (alarm is detected locally, no user notification can be sent);

•             Flooding detector (WLS600) – detects water on the surface below the sensor or on the contacts of the wires connected to the sensor. Must be used with UGE600 Internet Gateway and SALUS Smart Home application;

•             Door/window opening (SW600 – slim version, OS600 – standard version) – signals the opening of windows/doors. It should be used together with Internet gateway UGE600 and SALUS Smart Home application. NOTE: in conjunction with room temperature thermostats automatically turns off the heating for the time of ventilation.

Why is it worth choosing the SALUS Smart Home intelligent home control?

We gathered below Smart Home main advantages.

What do You get?

  • variety of applications, Salus Smart Home series products are used for underfloor heating, radiator heating, electric heating
  • energy-saving control; limitation of overheating and cooling of rooms
  • heating system adapted to the function of rooms and your daily routine
  • Internet control; you can adjust settings online anywhere in the world
  • no-installation; devices connect wirelessly
  • a home network of communicating devices
  • flexibility: you can complete the system with the elements of your choice and create any connection between them (One Touch rules)
  • remote control of home lighting and roller shutters
  • increased security with sensors and alarm notifications
  • functionality and comfort in everyday life

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