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ONE TOUCH rule – one touch, many possibilities


You come back from work at different hours, but as soon as you cross the threshold of the house, you copy the same pattern. You turn on the light in the living room. You don’t like eating in silence, so you are turning on the radio in the kitchen. In an hour, you’ll take a shower, so you’ll turn on the radiator and heat the floor in the bathroom. You do that every day: lights, radio, radiator, floor…

Wouldn’t it be more convenient to start all these things at once?

You will find out from the text:

  • how the OneTouch rule creator works
  • what is the OneTouch button

SALUS Smart Home invites you today to the world of “technological magic”. Why magic? Because with the help of the OneTouch rule wizard in your smart home, you can operate your devices like a magic wand.

How does it work?

Basically, you have the ability to run multiple everyday devices at the same time with just one click.

Coming back to the example in the introduction:

When you cross the threshold of the house – or even on your way to it – you press our magic button and make it work:

  • the lights in the living room are on
  • the radio starts playing in the kitchen (the condition is to have a radio type supported by Smart Plug)
  • in the bathroom, the floor heats up and the temperature rises.

SALUS Smart Home system offers three versions of OneTouch buttons. For them to work, you need to install a universal ZigBee gateway. Two of them do not require running the SALUS Smart Home app. The third option is a virtual version of the button, which (obviously) is only available using the app on the website.

Available product variants:

A wireless single OneTouch button activates a rule stored in it, i.e. commands for several selected devices collected in a ONE location.By using it, you trigger a series of events in your smart home with just ONE press, e.g. the temperature in the room rises, the blinds close, the light turns on and the electric pillow on the armchair heats up.Of course, to realize this rule you also need other elements of the system: UGE600 Internet gateway, SALUS Smart Home app, smart plugs, SR600 relay, temperature thermostat (e.g. Quantum SQ610).

What is important, a single OneTouch button works in the SAFETY BUTTON function. If an elderly parent lives with you or your child often stays alone at home, it’s a good idea to set the OneTouch button to alert you. If you feel unwell or are in an emergency, the parent or child will press it and you’ll get a text message with pre-set content, e.g. Adam, call home, I need help.

The double OneTouch button

Allows you to save two different or related rules (a separate rule for each key). Let’s go back to the previous example. If pressing the upper key on a button raises the room temperature, closes the blinds, turns on the light and heats up the electric cushion, pressing the lower key can trigger a rule that will work the other way around. The temperature drops, the blinds open, the light goes out and the cushion stops heating.

Of course, the rules of the OneTouch double button do not have to be related to each other and can have any combination of commands, e.g. the upper button in the bedroom will turn off the main light, then turn on the bedside lamp and farel. The lower bedroom button will turn on the humidifier and the backlit picture with the night landscape of Paris…

A virtual version of OneTouch

It gives you an unlimited number of buttons and therefore unlimited possibilities to create your own rules. You combine selected commands into rules and run them as needed. You do not hold a traditional button in your hand, but your smartphone. You operate all the rules in SALUS Smart Home app. You see each rule as a separate window. This gives you the opportunity to perfectly control the work of your home equipment. It is also important that if the UGE600 internet gateway is disconnected from the Internet for various reasons and turns red (which means local mode), the OneTouch rules stored in its memory will still work.

Look atexamples of OneTouch settings in an Internet app:

SALUS Smart Home does not set any boundaries, it does not throw technical obstacles under your feet. With us, you can easily set scenarios of OneTouch buttons. You have tons of options.

Here YOU set the rules!



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