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SALUS Smart Home supports your household savings


The longer you fail to take action, the more money you lose /Carrie Wilkerson/.

Home is the place where we feel best. We enjoy the decor tailored to our tastes, comfortable furniture, beautiful decorations, and souvenirs collected over the years. However, the prosaic nature of life gets to everyone. There is no greater joy for a host than low electricity bills. Sooner or later we all ask ourselves a question: how to reduce operating costs of the so-called media?

From this text you will learn:

  • how to reduce daily energy consumption in your home and create savings
  • why Smart Home is friendly for your household budget

Reduce your energy savings

Wasting energy – and therefore money – on a daily basis is a plague. We rarely think about the fact that carelessness costs money. We don’t turn off the lights or unplug the chargers. Adding up these and many other neglectful behaviors, we unintentionally cause the operating costs of our homes to rise.

What can we do to change this?

We should start by replacing energy-consuming appliances with those with energy class A, A+, A++, and preferably A+++. But what about bad habits? We have put together some tips for you, which you should already put into practice:

1. Use appliances that consume the most energy wisely:

  • Do not wash small quantities in the washing machine.
  • Do not wash several cups and plates in the dishwasher. The appliances will consume as much energy as they would with a full load.
  • Don’t place the fridge near a radiator
  • Do not cover the ventilation grilles and do not put hot dishes into the fridge. With poor ventilation the aggregate works at full steam and hot dishes heat the fridge. It consumes more electricity.
  • Boil only as much water as you need in the kettle. If you want to make one cup of tea, don’t put a liter of water in. You waste electricity to boil 750 ml, which will cool down in the kettle and have to be reheated.
  • Turn off standby for TVs, radios and PCs. Although each of these devices uses only a few watts in standby, these few watts will translate into real savings over the year.
turning on the kettle, creating the savings

2. In frequently used rooms, replace traditional light bulbs with energy-efficient LED lamps. They not only consume less energy but will shine brightly for longer, pleasing to the eye.

3. Plug electronics into power strips with a switch. Thanks to this you can turn off receivers which are not used for a long time.

4. Introduce SALUS Smart Home solutions to your home. If after dinner you do not remember to turn off the light in the kitchen. Every night you fall asleep in front of the TV. Our smart plugs are the perfect solution then. Working according to a schedule, Smart Plugs will cut off power to devices at a predetermined time. It will reduce energy consumption. Simply create a rule to turn everything off at midnight.

Remember: Each optimized device will increase the amount of savings!

Our golden rule: save money without sacrificing comfort.

It’s not about saving at the expense of your comfort. Low bills make you happy if you’re freezing in a dark house? Cut off from information, friends spread across the world, and your favorite virtual entertainment? Not likely.

That’s not what smart saving is all about. The secret lies in the efficiency of devices and conscious use of them. Smart Home industry was created to prove that by living economically you not only don’t lose comfort. You gain it.

Savings on heating

Talking about the burden on the household budget, it should be reminded that the largest part of the energy consumed during the operation of the house is heating. Do you want to save a lot of energy and create savings every day? You cannot skip SALUS Controls proposals for heating systems. Why? The segment responsible for temperature control is the most important for our company. In this area, we have the knowledge and many years of experience. What follows – we have introduced to the market many high-quality products and proven technological solutions.

Why is it worth using intelligent heating control?

Firstly, by adjusting the temperature of rooms to your current needs, you avoid overheating of less frequented rooms. Also, you avoid the unnecessary charges for heat that you do not need.

SALUS Controls room thermostats work flexibly. Their task is to maintain the temperature in rooms set by you. However, it doesn’t mean that being away from home, you have no influence on the work of your heating devices. From the office, from a restaurant, from a hotel in Las Palmas – you can react. Our thermostats work according to set schedules, but they also take your ad hoc decisions into account.

The result? Controlling temperature = controlling payments.

Secondly, a free SALUS Smart Home application registers and shows the energy consumption of devices working at home, giving you a preview (and view!) on the sources of consumption of your money. The history of energy consumption will allow you to make cost calculations.

You are no longer shooting in the dark – a heater in the hallway, a lamp in the bedroom, a computer? Why are the bills higher than you expected? With specific data, you know what to watch and what temperature schedule to create for each room.

Research shows that – aware that the Smart Home really does relieve the household budget – we are willing to invest in it.

284 milions is how much in 2023 we will spend on controlling via smart home

Final conclusions

Modern technology has ceased to be a tangle of technical parameters. It has become a support, a determinant of comfort and safety. An intelligent home is not just a combination of commands. In practice it is a place programmed according to your needs:

  • maintains an individual temperature in the rooms, set by the household members
  • closes the blinds when the sun is high
  • Allows remote control of electrical appliances (e.g. lighting)
  • Registers energy consumption
  • detects and informs about unauthorized events (sensors: smoke, flooding, opening)

SALUS Smart Home thus fulfills the function of a personal SECRETARY, ACCOUNTANT, and SECURITY INSPECTOR: takes care of the welfare of your family, watches over the daily schedule, counts expenses.

If you haven’t already, take the helm of your „deck”.

SALUS Controls will provide you with perfect control.

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