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SALUS Smart Home App & SALUS UGE600 Internet Gateway


Universal SALUS UGE600 gateway is a modern ZigBee network coordinator. Therefore it is a key element of the SALUS Smart Home system, metaphorically called its heart. This term is fully justified. Internet gateway allows you to wirelessly control all devices connected to it. It is done via smartphone or computer working in Android or iOS. Without its heart SALUS Smart Home does not exist.

You will learn from the text what capabilities they have:

Salus internet gateway and smart home app availible on Google Play and App Store

A bit of theory – see what it’s all about

The advantages of the innovative device are quick installation and low power consumption. Also, it has the ability to pair up to 100 home automation components with the gateway. Which elements? It all depends on your choice.

In SALUS Controls offer you will find: temperature thermostat, relays, wiring centres, thermostatic heads, intelligent plugs, window/door sensors, flood sensors. These products – paired with the heart of the system – work in conjunction with each other and according to your settings. You decide for yourself which of them you need and how you want to connect one device to another.

Internet gateway works withuse of free SALUS Smart Home app (downloadable in App Store, Google Play). The software allows you to operate your home or office devices from anywhere in the world. You just need to register an account and have internet connectivity.

It is worth remembering that access to the SALUS Smart Home app is also provided by a web browser (eu.salusconnect.io). This is important because if your phone dies or you forget to take it out of the car, you will not lose the ability to keep track of the building you control. Besides – depending on individual preferences – for many people, it is simply a more convenient option.

A few tips – see how it works

Are you considering the purchase of our system? Or maybe you have already bought it and would like to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by SALUS Smart Home? We advise you on how to start your adventure with intelligent control.

Step by step – what do you need to do to see your home in the app?

  • Download the free mobile app or create a user account on eu.salusconnect.io and you will log in from now on.
  • Start adding equipment to your ZigBee network by activating the coordinator – the SALUS UGE600 Internet Gateway. During the first activation, connect it to your router/modem with a LAN cable. When you add the device for the first time, press the button on the gateway – the LED will flash green. Then search for the gateway in the SALUS Smart Home app and add it. If the gateway has been successfully added, the same LED will blink blue. A successful device pairing process will always be signalled by a blue light. This is also information that the gateway has access to the Internet. If you want to add more devices, press SEARCH DEVICES again. Then the LED will blink red, signaling that is ready for pairing.
  • Connect your chosen devices from SALUS Smart Home series to the gateway. For example – wiring centre, temperature thermostats, thermostatic heads, smart plugs, sensors.
  • Create any senarios between selected devices (OneTouch rules).
  • Now take control of your home!
SALUS Smart Home App on a desktop

Home screen of the app

From there, you can operate all installed devices. SALUS Smart Home dashboard (which you can decorate with a photo of your choice) has a modern, simple design. It is maintained in contrasting colors – orange, green, navy blue – which has a great effect on its clarity. Windows – „tiles” – indicate the work of a given device in a given room. Orange means that the device is working. Green means that it is not working, gray that there is a problem with connectivity. The windows can be set in the order of your choice.

If you have installed more than one gateway on one account, sliding the background will allow you to view all of them with the hardware connected to them. From the main screen, you will also conduct an instant overview of the devices in the building. Simply run the option: SCAN MY HOME.


Thanks to the well-designed menu of the SALUS Smart Home App, the operation of the devices is very comfortable. What constitutes a well-designed menu? Its simplicity – only the most important categories for the user and specific nomenclature. We have created the menu of our app exactly according to these guidelines. There you will find tabs:

  • HELP

In EQUIPMENT you get access to all elements installed in the program. Here you can group them (some set common operating parameters) and create OneTouch rules. SETTINGS will allow you to modify the profile and disable the app and control devices locally (offline). MY STATUS contains a set of rules (device actions) that you create for a given situation at home. The last tabs are legal issues and LOGOUT, i.e. exit the app.

If you are still afraid of difficulties in using, take a look at the DEMO VERSION of our interface. By default it is operated in English, but in the SETTINGS tab (subpage: PROFILE) you can change the language. Now you can see for yourself that navigating around app is also a pleasure.

Smart Home App on a desktop

Wherever you are…

Innovative technologies have set new standards. Remote control no longer means running the TV from a distance of four meters from it. Now it means operating home or office electronics from the farthest point of the world.

Thinking about remote control, you want to easily control your home from anywhere, at any time. So you are looking for the best proposals on the market. SALUS Smart Home will provide you with perfect control.

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