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What makes SALUS Controls unique?


For a thousand reasons, for which it is worth trusting SALUS Controls, we chose two.
Look at them!

Modern technologies were created by man in service of man. Truism? Maybe, but one of those that do not frighten with triviality.

Safety sensors, optimally controlled heating system, heated floor – every day we appreciate the contribution of advanced technological solutions to our life. Thanks to them we live safer, more economically, more conveniently. And more pleasant.

Warmth in the rooms and cosy lighting are, metaphorically speaking, the gateway to comfort. You just need reliable devices and a properly trained person who will install them in your home.

You will find out from the text:

  • what characterizes SALUS Controls products
  • how we train our installers
1. Easy operation of advanced technology
Not as terrible a devil as they paint him

In our temperature thermostats, you don’t have to be afraid of complicated menus and complicated access paths to the necessary functions. SALUS Controls designs its devices according to the „three speed” principle:

Fast mounting, configuration, and service.

User comfort is our goal. For example, the technologically advanced Quantum SQ610 temperature thermostat is easy and pleasant to use. It is facilitated by: backlit screen, clear menu, personalization of the displayed information. The last characteristic means the possibility to decide which parameters of the thermostat’s operation on the display will be visible).

The device can operate both in a wireless network (with UGE600 Internet gateway or CO10RF coordinator) and as a separate thermostat, wired to the receiver. If the Quantum configuration is done through the Internet gateway, from the second option you can go to the first one – add the thermostat to the SALUS Smart Home system. This will allow online control and communication with its other elements.

What is important, we have reduced to a minimum the number of clicks that the installer must make when starting our leading temperature thermostat for the first time. You can complete its installation in a few steps:

  1. Connecting the thermostat to 230V
  2. Choice of installation and operating language
  3. Mode selection – let’s repeat:
  • wirelessly online: download the application, connect the gateway, pair the thermostat with it
  • wireless offline (no application): configuration via internet gateway (gives possibility of later internet control) or via ZigBee network coordinator (gives no possibility of later internet control)
  • wired independently: Quantum SQ610 is connected to the receiver (can be later added to the SALUS Smart Home application)
salus quantum

With us, the devil is not as terrible as they paint him! Easy operation of advanced technology is not only a leading feature, but also one of SALUS Controls’ strongest points.

2. SALUS Controls experts
Practice makes the master

Sales representatives and installers of SALUS Controls products are not accidental people. Before anyone starts their professional adventure with our company for good, they must take precise product training.

After learning the necessary theory, our training enter the workshop stage and include presentations at mock-up installations. We teach:

  • construction, assembly and operation of equipment
  • product maps and relationships between them
  • possible wiring diagrams
  • navigating the SALUS Smart Home web application
  • OneTouch rule programming

Frequently used implementation element is to assist an experienced installer during the installation of devices in the actual building, i.e. in the customer’s house/office. The final stage never really comes, because our people regularly attend practical and theoretical training to supplement their knowledge.

For many reasons, which are worth trusting us, we chose two.
Now you know, which ones.

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