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Intelligent home space management – a strong promise, but what does that mean?


A house that responds to changing weather conditions, that adapts to the rhythm of life of its inhabitants and allows easier performing of daily duties. Another episode of the Jetsons, or science fiction cinema? Or maybe your new reality?

From the text you will learn:

  • what is Smart Home
  • why i sit worth to trust building automation

For a (good) start, the definitione

Smart Home (intelligent building automation), which are networked, communicating devices that manage the functions of a modern home – including heating.

What does this mean for you? Easily make changes to your system – operate your devices over the Internet – and monitor what’s going on in your home. Both in terms of security and energy consumption.


SALUS Smart Home is a package of electronic devices: temperature thermostats (e.g. Quantum SQ610RF), controllers, plugs and sensors, whose work is managed by a universal Internet gateway of ZigBee network (UGE600). In Smart Home technology, online control of devices is provided by an intuitive navigation tool – a mobile application.

Although it sounds complicated, it makes life easier. This technology allows you to wisely and flexibly control the functioning of such elements of the home as:

  • heating (floor, radiator, blast, electric, combined)
  • blinds, shutters, doors, gates
  • garden irrigation
  • domestic appliances (e.g. lighting).

How to raise the temperature of your comfort?

Access to the Internet opens a virtual window to the world – a truth that reaches us almost every moment. Professional duties, social life, entertainment – today everything happens online. We work, look for information, use e-learning courses, communicate with people, watch favorite movies and TV series. Multimedia organize our lives and help us develop. What conclusion from this? Staying offline is equal to being left behind.

Why is this important to the Smart Home industry?

With online control, in an automated building, you operate installations from a device without which it is already difficult to imagine life – your SMARTphone.

However, the automated control of home space should not be confused with the fashion for luxury gadgets – the main function of SMART products is the usability and portability during everyday use.

And here the question arises: to warm up the apartment, close the blinds and and especially to turn on the lamp in the hallway, do you need an automatic control?

The operation of everyday appliances does not by definition require advanced control technology, but manual on/off switching, such as heat-generating devices, is far from efficient. Why? Because without the help of built-in temperature control algorithms, it is difficult to achieve and maintain a comfortable room temperature.


  • you are not always at home and your plans change frequently – you may not be able to control the thermostat manually
  • the seasons can be changeable and the weather can surprise you – you are not a meteorologist, you cannot predict changes in the weather when you are not at home
  • if you manage a building with various functions of rooms, it is boring and time-consuming to set parameters separately for e.g. classrooms and hotel rooms.
  • Remote change of settings in the mobile app is a matter of a few clicks.

To sum up…

The world is moving forward. As it develops, your needs change. Around you, more and more devices are appearing, which increase the convenience and comfort of everyday life. For example, thanks to a window opening sensor, if you want to ventilate your bedroom at night, you no longer have to manually raise the blinds (which usually takes about twenty seconds and involves waiting). You open the window and move on to more important things – the relay paired with the sensor will automatically open the blinds. Similarly, in the opposite case, the scenario set appropriately will make the roller blinds close when the window is closed.

The result? These simple conveniences reduce the number of steps you need to take to keep your home functioning well.

Isn’t it more pleasant every day to return to a place that welcomes you after dark with an illuminated gate and façade? Intelligent control is more than just automation – it is an investment in your well-being. If you don’t take advantage of the opportunities, you lose. So why not give the technology available on the market a chance?

Trust will come with time.



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